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So Solid Crew star MC Harvey (real name Michael Harvey Jr) has revealed to gossip magazine NOW that he once had a secret fling with the nations former sweetheart turned has been Cheryl Cole.

The former husband of TV personality/singer Alesha Dixon confesses to NOW that he fell for the convicted batterer of Sophie Amogbokpa who she attacked and “allegedly” racially abused in a night club back in 2003.

Sophie Amogbokpa

Sophie Amogbokpa (2003)

Harvey also went on to say that he would have even married Cole.

Cheryl Cole

According to NOW they became close in late 2010 as he ‘nursed Cheryl through heartbreak following her split with his former pal Ashley Cole – safe in the knowledge that everyone thought she was dating dancer Derek Hough


You can read the full interview in the latest issue of Now dated 6 February 2012

And there was me thinking that Harvey’s former wife Alesha Dixon and Cheryl were “friends”.

“He nursed her through her heartbreak”.

Hahahahahahahha. This just sounds so ridiculous.

But  if this story is in fact all true then I have no words for you Harvey.

[Thanks Lorraine]

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  1. if true, this is so typical from a Black man to pursue woman who are clearly racist towards Black woman.

    That’s why most of artists / Footballers ( specially British / French ones), I don’t even care about them when they think they have been abused racially or other act of racism.

  2. I’m laughing at the caption written on the NOW cover in regards to Ashley Cole “He knows not to come near me!!” Confirming what I have always though of Ashley Cole, that he is a big fassy!
    I thought Cheryl and Alesha were mates, hmmm! Never go digging out another woman’s “Pot Bottom”, all you will eat is bun up rice!

  3. What a way she luv black man tings and hate black woman per-say! As for Harvey what a wanna be celebrity – he would sell his sole to be one!

  4. More foolishness from the usual suspects.

    Anyway, “So Solid” burnt themselves into mainstream consciousness with their achievments back in the day. They were big but they could have been absolutely massive.

  5. You know what we call a woman who sleeps with sooooo many men??? Just think about! Wow! Black men in the UK really love these white chicks…hmmmmm. Well let me say not all.. And for liking whom you like that’s fine! It just seems to be such a trend to date tired white women…. Well i guess if you don’t have control of your own mind…then you will do exactly that…. But it just seems to me that Beautiful Black Women don’t get a chance. Cheryl Cole or shall i say cheryl Hole….is a joke…

  6. i see good old Janice is still using that poor woman’s picture for absolutely no reason,i ask you again Janice your obvious dislike for Cheryl is one thing do you really have to use that picture to get your point across..What if that was you poor mum or aunt?
    I haven’t commented for a while but that picture is plain wrong and it has been abused to the max…please consider her children,friends and family.

  7. @Lulu

    I seem to remember us having this same discussion last year on here.

    And I will say again what I said then. If you don’t like it then go elsewhere. There are millions of blogs out there that you to visit. I seem to remember you saying that Necole Bitchie is a blogger with class. Visit her. Or bypass the posts featuring Sophie and leave Mad News be lol. I will continue to post picture if and when I choose to.

    It’s pointless you coming on here repeating yourself. You have voiced your opinion (on numerous occasions) in regards to the pictures that Sophie willingly posed for and are in the public domain to be used. Now move on. Like I said if you don’t like it then stop visiting.

  8. YES it is your blog,and you can post what you want ALL that aside one simple question if you may answer….IS IT NECESSARY? The picture must be ten years old….you did stop posting the picture at some point i recall,then Cheryl did something that infuriated you again (i think it was GgamuGate) anyways i will scroll past your posts where her picture is visible.And yes i did say Necole is one of the classier bloggers(she is getting a bit messy though),doesn’t mean i should only visit one. I actually like reading blogs that don’t lick celebrities backsides. So take a chill pill hun #carryon

  9. On the odd occasion it is necessary! And yes the picture is almost 10 years old. The incident happened in 2003.

    As for taking a chill pill. I am fine. I think it’s you that needs to take a chill pill luv. LOL

  10. ok here is the truth i am the real Sophie and i am sick to my teeth of seeing my picture on your site please take in down so i may get some closure :/

  11. LOL Whose blog is this Janice’s or Lulu’s?? I don’t understand when people visit sites and then always moan about what’s been posted. If the content offends you then you have the freedom to go elsewhere or another solution would be to start your own Sophie free site LOL

  12. @ knocks82 Lol no i am not Sophie was just kidding,i just felt some way about seeing that picture here constantly but i have rested my case,done moaning about.

    @ Michael H..yeah i hate that too,thats why i have decided to give it a rest however i will not be starting my own blog it’s not really my calling,lets just say i have resigned to ‘agree to disagree’ about the picture.

    . @ terra hhhmmm how about no, i will visit this site and voice my opinion as long as i am able to so i won’t jog on….but you can talk a long walk on a short pier love.#carryon

  13. @ Marla well for your sake i hope you don’t receive a good beating one day and know that a number of people can view your picture at the click of a button…and in case your reading is not great i said i have let it go,not that it matters cause it’s NOT my site i was merely telling Janice as a reader how i felt,she has no intentions of taken it down.Good4Her #pleasegotakeaseatsomewhere

  14. From her reply it’s clear you have voiced your opinions about the use of the picture before and have basically been told to ignore those particular posts or piss off. So why leave another comment moaning about it. I think you need to take a seat somewhere.

  15. i hadn’t been on this site for a while and still seeing the picture took me by surprise AGAIN i have said i have let it go it’s Janice’s site and she can post a picture of Noel Clarke, Taio Cruz and herself rolling in the hay for all i care.Moving along…..

  16. @Lulu why do you keep coming back?? Do you not have some other bloggers you can dictate to. Better yet, why not set up your own blog, and you can do what you wish! Get a life, you fool!

  17. Keep bringing that picture to the forefront Janice. Remember, when confronted with scoffers always think, “what would Verbs do”?,lol.

  18. It seems the media and the public so easily ‘ forgave’ Cheryl Tweedy for the incident that occured between herself et al and Sophie Amogbokpa but the beat down that Chris Brown gave Rhianna is something that will always be synonymous with his name..

  19. Lulu: Did you really say that Necole Bitchie is a classy blogger? When was the last time you went to her site? I would call that blog pure trash, don’t get me wrong it is entertaining as hell and I always stop by but classy it is not. Unlike Mad News of course.

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