The "nations sweetheart" Chezza Cole

It’s been reported that the “nations sweetheart” Cheryl Cole has landed a place on the judging panel of the up and coming U.S version of  The X-Factor. But sadly Cheryl’s dream of conquering America may never happen because of her conviction for battering Nigerian night club toilet attendant Sophie Amogbokpa back in 2003 (who she also “allegedly” racially abused).  The assault conviction may prevent her from being granted a green card.

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Sophie Amogbokpa

Victim Sophie Amogbokpa

I bet Simon Cowell steps in and pulls a few strings (if he hasn’t done so already) to ensure the nations biggest fraud appears on the US version of The X-Factor. And her “boy pal”- that dumb bird Will.Iam will probably write a letter to the US Embassy pleading her case.

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  1. I don’t understand why they are refusing to give her the green card. I mean, racism is the order of the day. I think Simon’s biggest worry is the xffactor USA flopping with the racist record behind her and her new album which is supposed to make her a global star after breaking the USA *rolls eyes*. Isn’t she supposed to be a judge or something on the new show?

  2. The US government doesn’t issue Green Cards to foreigners with convictions. But in Cheryl’s case they might turn a blind eye.

    “Isn’t she supposed to be a judge or something on the new show?”

    Yes the US version of X-Factor but this might not happen due to her conviction. The article explains it all.

  3. Simon has been prepaing the last three years of x factor around Cheryl. Givivng her the winning category. He out did himself when they run that council estate story by Wagner. they know Americans are strong believers in the rags to riches story, and then pulling Wagner out after. It is quite desperate and absurd. Unfortunately she is the best Britain has to offer.

    Thank for the reminder.

  4. The US press will have a field day running this story if she makes to the US panel of X Factor. Even more so that she hasn’t apologised for the assault to this day. They’ll want answers. You know they love a ‘explain yourself’ interview. I have a feeling she’ll be on US TV shows trying doing some serious damage control. She’s not big or known in the US for some ‘no comment’ status.

    It won’t be like Piers Morgan where he’ll turn a blind eye to talking about it.

  5. Who refused Chris Brezy an entry due to assault?

    Anyway, they should be more worried about that show flopping than the green card. They have to make sure she is safe to judge over there, so they might as well start testing the waters early enough.

  6. All animals are equal but some are more equal than others (animam farm). Let us see how this turns out.

  7. lati :Didn’t they stop him from coming here due to his convictions? Assaulting madame Rihanna?

    What has the British Home Office refusing Chris Brown entry got to do with US Embassy possibly refusing/letting Cheryl Cole into the United States to work?

  8. If they refused Chris Brown for assault, and Cheryl did assault Sophie, the British media should stop acting like it is a big deal. With Chris Brown, it was even reported after they had refused him, this they are running before it has even been done. It is just alot of hypocrisy.

  9. Next thing we know, they will be running the Gammu visa story along with Cheryl’s green card story. justsaying

  10. man that chick is dry as a judge anyway they should just get that Nicole “Pussycat doll” Shirtsingerswinger lady to do the American show.

  11. DEAD @ “Shirtsingerswinger”. That’s actually longer than the proper spelling. If you’re going to be racist, please use the right terminology.

  12. hence why amy couldnt go to the states to receive her grammy or whatever.. AMERICAN IMMIGRATION DONT PLAY AROUND…
    british immigration is simliarly stringent but not as tough as the us…

  13. Naah y’all can keep her. We don’t want her racist ass here, she will get her ass kicked!

    I am going to have to call one of my peoples to make sure that bish doesn’t get let in!

    No Ma’am!

  14. All i will say is if she is allowed to come here i will make sure i get this story out. I will give this story to my buddy who works at CNN. He said one thing that all news media outlets like is scandal. It’s all about ratings.. I’m so glad this story came up again. It just reminds me what of the double standard there is here in this world. Someone Black can do what she did and be lynched. Someone like her can do what she did and still have a good job on a major program. This is some bull shit!!!! But i must add that i am a bit disappointed in you guys over the in the UK. You guys just let her get away with this… I was hoping Black people in the UK were more … I’m at a loss for! OK i was hoping Black people in the UK were in more control of how they are treated. Over here in the USA it’s about the same as well. But i will say this when we do really believe in something…we will make sure that person is fired….This TRICK beat up a Black woman and called her degrading names…to me that is not acceptable!!!!!! I would be boycotting anything she did and the sponsors as well. My friend Jason who lives in London always tell me racism is not as bad as it is here in the USA. But i think it is…. Racism is a live and well all over the damn world… Just my thoughts ..anyone disagrees please let me know..

  15. @Moreno

    Racism in this country is often quite subtle (blink and you might miss it), its just lurking beneath the surface and that’s when it’s at it’s most destructive. In the US I think its more blatant and in your face, which is good thing because then you all know where you stand and can deal with the situation head on. Over here people want to live in fantasy land. Your friend needs to wake up.

  16. @Janice thank you for confirming what i thought to be true. He always makes that statement and then i read what everyone here has to say about racism. Then i think he must be either in denial of just not aware. Now i know it’s a fantasy world that he wants to live in. But the great thing about this discussion is now he and i have so much more to get on! And you’re so right it is so blatant and in your face here. And at times i get tired of always having to deal with it. Then i say to myself i wouldn’t be where i am now if our ancesters had given up. So i know for as long as i live i will have to fight anf fight hard. I think about the company i work for here in the USA. And i’m the only Black man in the company! And there are 7 Black women in the entire building of 95. And we have offices threw out each state… and there may be 15 other Blacks out of 600 employees. I know this because i’m the accountant for the company. And i just shake my head at the amount of Black people that they hire. They make sure they don’t hire many of us.. So i asked my boss why where there so little Blacks working for the company. And he said he didn’t realise there weren’t more Black working for the company. Me being me said right away…yeah right! He looked at me and i looked at him…to let him know i knew better. But what i do like about Black people at my company is…the fact that we stick together no matter what. We are very tight and when an issue comes up…we all are in one accord. I was really hoping the UK was better…but why would it be… I was in Puerto Rico last year because i try to go twice a year to visit my grandparents.And they they treat Blacks there the same as i say all of this to say no matter where we go people will judge us based on out skin color… But one day things will be different..i may not be round to see it….but it will happen

  17. The US don’t tolerate what she did. They are tough especially the Black/Afro Americans they are hard and know their rights. If she did that to one of their friends or associates she would probably get her a*s beaten really bad. lool Go America

  18. That photo is so disturbing! Cheryl Cole will definitely not succeed in the USA with that in her past. How did the UK turn its eyes away from that behaviour?

  19. Reading these comments make me realise I am not alone in my views of Saint Cheryl Cole. I recently aired my opinion about Cheryl Cole on a FB page and was verbally attacked by some black men who rubbish any racist allegations against Cheryl Cole purely because she ‘co-incidently’ married a black (mixed race) man shortly after.

    The UK will turn its eyes away from her disgusting past because we have no prominent black people (with any real sense) in positions of power who are passionate and proud of their race. There’s noone standing up in the public arena and slamming her openly. Instead she has been allowed to propel to superstar status. A status no person guilty of her act deserves to be in.

    Cheryl Cole may run around with Will ‘up her arse’ Am and been married to a black man but that does not escape the fact that she punched this black woman and called her a ‘black bitch’. It has been so neatly swept under the carpet. Yet I can’t forget.

    I just hope that, if she is allowed entry to the US, the Americans don’t place her on the pedestal the Brits have! I pray you expose her for the racist trash she is and rip her skinny arse to shreds!

  20. I am a strong believer in people learning from their past experiences and changing to be a better person. However, I’m so happy that people have not forgotten about this disgusting crime cheryl has committed. Up until now cheryl has not shown any remorse to the victim (which is important) and that is just disgraceful.

    @Moreno, please expose her rude, manner less, disrespectful self to America and then she will soon realise that looks can only get you so far in the world.

  21. Racism in the UK is very bad, also alot of black celebrities like Jay Z and Rihanna and West is friends with this monster. Simon is a vile racist also.

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