Singer Alexandra Burke reveals that her former X-Factor mentor and “nation’s sweetheart” now turned has been Cheryl Cole went through a period of ignoring her texts but has suddenly acknowledged her again via Twitter.

“I haven’t heard anything from Cheryl for over a year and then she tweeted me publicly the other day, which I was really surprised about,”

“I’ve texted her a few times but never heard anything back. I was surprised to hear from her on Twitter, which was very public. Don’t get me wrong, it was great for her to get in touch and it was a very lovely message, but I would prefer to hear from her more privately and maybe go for a drink and catch up properly.

We kept in contact after the show but then it just stopped. You just don’t know what is going on in other people’s lives so you can’t get mad if someone doesn’t text you back. But of course it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss her. I miss her very much.”  (Via The Star)

Oh Alexandra wake up luv! The convicted batterer of Sophie Amogbokpa is only acknowledging you again now because her career is heading towards the sewer and you are in the spotlight again thanks to a new single release and your highly suspect alleged love affair (sorry I still don’t believe it) with Spurs player Jermain Defoe.

Forget Cheryl (like most of Britain has) and move on with your life. Hahahaha.

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  1. Cheryl is a notorious user. She’s done this to Alexandra, Cher Lloyd, the Liverpudlian one(I never catch her name) and boy that looked like her relative…when they become popular again she’s all tweeting and isht. The only one that has called her out is Cher and that in itself is one big joke.

  2. Cheryl cares about Cheryl and her pounds. Alexandra forgets that she was used to clear Cheryl’s racist image. She was part of the damage control programme. They never really cared about her.

  3. Everybody has pretty much summed it up here, Cole doesn’t like your black face Burke except when there is money involved or a dirty image and reputation to clean up.

    This chieftain Cheryl Cole is the same racist unrepentant reprobate she was when she beat up that toilet attendant. Burke would do well to note that and note it well.


    Agreed, she is a very pretty woman but she needs to stop bredding up to unstable violent racist buzzards like Cheryl Cole.

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