Tim “Big Dawg” Westwood conducted this interview with actor Adam Deacon before he went on to win the BAFTA Rising Star award voted by the public several weeks ago.

I knew Adam would take home this award because he campaigned like an US politician on speed and encouraged his thousands of Twitter followers to vote and his famous friends. He even turned up to The Woman In Black film premiere and posed for the cameras with ‘Vote For Me’ flyers and apparently handed them out.

This didn’t go unnoticed by fellow ‘rising star’ nominee and film/TV star Chris O’Dowd who jokingly called him a “promotional animal”.

Anyway this interview with Westwood is both comical and irritating. Adam touches on how he felt he was treatedĀ during the run up to BAFTA night (he feels that he was treated unfairly by various media companies at a press conference) , and then for some reason Westwood asks him “can I just put it out there were they white?”. I am not sure if he is implying that Adam might have been treated unfairly because of his race which wouldn’t make any sense because Adam is white (Tim must have cataracts in his eyes if he can’t see that), or if it is because the self proclaimed “peoples champion” speaks a mix of Jamaican/British “street” lingo and grew up in Hackney.

[Thanks Lorraine]

Your thoughts please….

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  1. Yes Janice i read an interview were he said he was white as well…. But this is just another example of a white guy ripping off Black culture… And now he will become the rich one and will take all the credit for what we allowed him to see…. SHM…

  2. ‘Pretend’ black people playing the race card… is this what the UK has come to? SMH

  3. If you listen to his songs, he even says he’s a white boy…What I like about Adam Deacon is he tries his best to stick up for Black People, he knows he’s not black but after watching him speak out on things like “free speech” on bbc three, he proves he is trying to help the community and speaks out on the things that really effect out community. Lets face it, we are never going to have a black face saying we need this or that to change, maybe we need someone who can speak on behalf..may sound crazy but hey “this is england 2012″…..

  4. So we must look to Adam as some sort of saviour???
    Im sorry but this is just some backward thinking. You want black people to look at Adam like he’s Superman come to save us? It will be a cold day in hell before I allow the likes of Adam Deacon (culture thief) to speak on my behalf.
    There are plenty of black people within the community willing to speak out on things but the media isnt interested in hearing those voices.
    You need to wake up and stop being so naive.

  5. No I didn’t say we must look at him as a saviour! As I said above we are never going to have a black face doing it…Do you think I said this because I enjoy that fact? Grow up! I could easily get mad with Eminem, Amy Winehouse, Adele, etc for being culture thief’s but I would be angry all the time as its everywhere..Marcus you need to calm down! All I said was he is making things happen for his community. This whole website knows that the media isn’t interested in hearing black voices. I would love for that to change, for now maybe only way in is through a white boy like adam as they are as you said are willing to hear.

  6. You don’t need a white guy/girl speaking on the plight of Black people. Let the ones who are going threw it speak for themselves. I’m amazed that someone said that you will never see a Black face speaking about what is needed. And you may be right! But the word never is just not an option. Adam is only looking out for Adam…don’t let his word fool you… Or his overly concern about Black people as well. In my thinking he is only doing it because as it was stated better than how i put it.. he is a culture thief! I’m still SMH that you guys in the UK really don’t have a voice for anything… this is so hard to believe!! And i’m hoping since you don’t have a voice…that you’re not out there supporting people who don’t care about you. Now i really get where my boi Verbs is always saying to me… it’s true…. No one cares about Negros…. over there. At least here in the US if something like this was going on….we would be like hold up! wait a minute!!! You can’t just sit back and accept anything….

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