UK artist Jammer recently went out ‘raving’ in London with one of my favourite Hip Hop acts from back in the day Bones Thugs-In-Harmony.

How random…

[Thanks Lorraine]


Is this what it’s come to Bones Thugs? Hanging out in London with UK artists and some over-excited hanger ons?

You know times must be hard for most of these American personalities when they start visiting London on a regular basis, hanging out with UK artists and their mates, and appearing at any event willing to book them.

Back in the day while enjoying huge success they rarely crossed the water to visit their fans in Europe. Most felt that they didn’t really need too.

I remember hearing that a once popular and lusted after US actor (Morris Chestnut) was here just over a year ago earning some Pound Sterling by appearing in nightclubs in the capital and even paid Granaries in Croydon a visit.

That almost finished me off. I was mortified.

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  1. The sad truth is that’s what happens these guys don’t care about the UK at their height they would never come over here, but they are seriously on their way down so they come to Europe because they know everyone will suck up to them because of how big they used to be. I swear half the time they understand what English guys be saying loool

  2. Exactly! Back in the day it was almost like pulling teeth to get them to come over here. They had no interest or they demanded huge fees to come over and in R.Kelly’s case who refused to board a plane back then, they paid for him to travel on the ship the QE2

    And if they did visit there was always this air of arrogance. They would turn up late for shows and just do foolishness because they could get away with it.

    But fast forward to 2012 and every time you look there is some American act in the country. Some even appear at night clubs in ROMFORD (of all places).

    Now the money has dried up Stateside, interest has waned, recession etc they look to Europe, Africa and Asia to make a living, and talk about collaborating with UK acts.

  3. Agreed. Say what you like about Rihanna she’s always here because she knows where her money is at.

  4. Yup i agree, the US dont pander to Rhianna’s foolishness so she comes to the UK where it is lapped up! SMH

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