*For those of you who don’t know what the word ‘butters’ means it’s old skool slang and means “ugly”*

When I first heard that UK artist Jammer was going to compile a ‘Top Ten UK Butters Female Artists’ list I just shook my head in disbelief. I didn’t actually think he would do it because it’s just cruel.

But Jammer has in fact gone ahead and compiled this list in response to Grime Daily’s ‘Top 10 Sexiest Males In Grime and Rap’ list. Click HERE to watch that debate.

Now watch Jammer’s video below and his explanation for compiling this controversial list.

As far as I am concerned none of the women on Jammer’s list are unattractive so I’m not quite sure what the public was thinking when they voted.

I wouldn’t want to be in Jammer’s shoes right now. There are a lot of angry women out there at the moment. He better sleep with one eye open from now on.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. ‘I wouldn’t want to be in Jammer’s shoes right now. He better sleep with one eye open from now on.’

    LMAO! That bad?

  2. Hahahaha. He is ridiculous though coming up with such a list. He’d better watch his dread locks lest they go missing. lol

  3. Okay, so I just wasted 16 mins of my life watching the girls ‘discuss’ the guys. I’m actually pissed at myself for wasting this precious time of mine on a Sunday evening. OBVIOUSLY Skepta (Phwooar!) was gonna come in at number one ..c’mon now, but the list as a whole was utterly pointless and not worth the film it was taped on. That’s the kind of convo you have OFF camera when you’re bored with your girls – NOT on film, when none of you have actually ‘made it’ in the industry (I’m not talking about having a video on Channel AKA) or sustained career longevity in a mainstream arena. Now you’re the subject of ridicule and for what?!

    The list ‘voted by the public’, compiled by Jammer was unnecessary – he’s not a kid, he’s a big ol’ man who spent time filming that nonsense. People who weren’t even involved have now been dragged into this immature debacle and I hope they don’t waste their breathe even passing comment on it. It was unnecessary and cruel.

    On a side note, how old is Kele Le Roc and she’s still saying ‘swear down’?! She’s older than me (I was only around 17 when ‘My Love’ came out) and those words have never once left my lips! LOL

    Time to grow up people.

  4. I think people who arent that attractive should not be compiling list of people he thinks are butters. Especially when your about 35 years old! Pointless

  5. The stupidity of the so called Negro and his gullibility never ceases to amaze me. You are shortly to suffer the biggest holocaust in your history and you still choose to be concerned over who is sexy and who is butters. And yet again in relation to the sexiest grime artists, who is overseeing this foolishness, Claira Hermet, an EDOMITE. Still trying so desperately to be accepted by the “man” eh Negro?

  6. Typical behaviour from whitey, stir up the hornet’s nest, duck out during the frenzy and leave the rest to get the blame. Disrespectful harridan Claira Hermet, your serpent ways and tactics have been noted and marked. Still, why do we Negroes even entertain these and other silly ideas when they are suggested to us? Are we going to step up and come better than this or are we content with continuing to eat the crumbs that fall from the white man’s table and to dance to his tune everytime it is piped?

  7. On the whole I find the concept of a Top 10 butters list negative & unproductive. I hear what Jammer is saying, but it comes over slightly contradictory, if you are trying to get across a message that it’s not about what you look like, or that too many people focus on appearance, but then organising a top 10 butters list, you are kind of shooting your message in the foot.

    There is an issue that is brought up regarding panel voting systems versus public voting systems. I kind of agree that panel based voting system can be skewed, in all direction various reason, but some ways public votes can be skewed also. Take the Top 10 sexist males in Grime, I’m sure there was some favouritism & other stuff going on, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were vast numbers of women who agreed with most of the list. Yet jammer makes the top 10 butters list a public vote, but comes back with result that may be vast numbers of the public would disagree with, so the list is not necessarily more valid than one done by a panel. The “Public Vote” is only representation of the people that voted & may not be a true reflection of the public as a whole ( although I understand there is no way to truly know this, if people don’t participate).

    If Jammer wanted to make it about the panel, In regards to “If you think you can judge people, then be prepared to be judged” Then he should’ve only allowed for those females who were on the panel to be voted on, by not doing so, he has facilitated the public humiliation of people who were nothing to do with panel, which further weakens his argument.

  8. i think it is soooo hard for young women to be judged on their talent, especially in this male saturated genre – it makes me angry beyond belief that this young man from our community is apart of something so backwards, so degrading, so humilitating. It pains me to see this kind of chupidness, he needs a back slap.

    If he spoke about me or anyone I knew like that, i’d straight black on black crime on his ass!

  9. Interesting!!!… But i really don’t like this.. It has too much potential….for many to be hurt. When you put people on blast like this…it’s poor taste to me…. Creamo made some really good points!!!

  10. wow I’ve just skimmed through the girls list and I can’t believe how bad they look, it’s embrassing they all look like they’ve got a make up problem

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