It is good to see the hilarious Mr Fraser on the bill but the whole Africa verses West Indies comedy “battle”, where comedians from West Indian and African backgrounds attempt to destroy each other’s cultural backgrounds with some outrageous/too close to the bone put downs has been done to death now.

And I see that “Urban” comic Kevin J is going to be the ” show referee”.The same Kevin J who was booed and heckled at last year’s Screen Nation Awards (the black Oscars)  for making jokes that didn’t go down too well with the rather ‘affluent’ audience. But his popularity, as expected has sky rocketed since that incident.

Anyway reader Melissa received the following BBM message (read below) promoting the event and then tweeted,

Who’s Foot-Bottom is more Dry, Africans or West Indians?…………………….

█░░░░Comedy WareHouse░░░░█

Valentines Special
Sunday 12th February 2012

AFRICA TEAM ∙∙̣̇∙̣̣̇̇∙̣̣̣̇̇̇∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̇
» Eddie Kadi
» Funmbi
» Prince Abdi
» BabaTunde
WEST INDIES TEAM ∙∙̣̇∙̣̣̇̇∙̣̣̣̇̇̇∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̇
» Mr Fraiser
» Kane Brown
» Tony Hendriks
» Axel

Come & Witness The Clash of Clashes
o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Ticket are Only £15 *B4 Friday 13th*
After Party Included
Who wins you DECIDE

Special Valentine’s SUPRISE Treat on the Note. Not to Be Missed.

Tickets & More Info
Alpo » 07949 484 350 » 28c3cb00
Merite PR

ReBroAdCAst 4 me PLz Alpo ({}) .


Your thoughts please….

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  1. All I can do is roll my eyes, all this is soooo tired shit isn’t even funny no more it’s boring and having some white boy as ref, are you even serious. I agree with Melissa. I wonder if there was a comedy show called Indians vs pakistanis if they would have a black ref SMH. Only black people.

  2. I have a dream that one day, black comedians, especially in the UK, will tell jokes instead cussin’ different ethnic groups disguised as “observational comedy”. I don’t like the Americans that do it, but at least the better ones offer some sort of social-commentary value. A lot of UK guys watched Def Comedy Jam and missed that part.

  3. Typical Negroes, entering the arena of European entertainment, taking the P*** out of each other while having whitey rule, ref and “judge” them. Haven’t we seen this pattern before? Why do we always feed into this bredding foolishness? Self hatred DOES NOT equal wisdom Negro.

  4. SIGH…
    What century are we in? This is backwards behaviour, childish and highly un-necessary. In my eyes this is verbal black on black crime and one that only promotes the divisive foolishness that is currently displaying itself in blood on our streets. We are one and the sooner we reconnect and remember who we really are the better.

    They can cuss to the cows come home, the image staring back is their own reflection so its pointless.

    Its so easy to pull down. Comedians need to try something new. You can laugh at differences whilst remaining positive and respectful. I just don’t see how this show is going to do that.

    Positively black…where is it?

    As for Kevin J being a referee, well the non black person continues to watch as we destroy ourselves. Nice. Art imitating life?

  5. The sad thing is – I’m actually more pissed off that they didn’t just say sole, why foot-bottom? And the whole WI vs A, always confuses me, aren’t we all from Africa?

  6. This is overplayed. Do we not know any other ways to be funny other than jokes about being African/West Indian. NO PROGRESSION. It’s so boring. And to have that Kevin J as ref is an embarrassment. Like a colonial leader overseeing us. What makes him qualified to be the referee? This is so deep. I have seen adverts of him mocking our culture. We are allowing a white to mock our culture as if this is normal, thus perpetuating dangerous stereotypes and myths. How can we be taken seriously if we keep giving this nonsense room to breathe.

    I’m surprised to see Leo X is there. He should know better surely.

    This event should be boycotted!!

    Black comedians need to get new material. And stop inviting people of other races to come and mock us. We have enough trouble trying to break free from these negative stereotypes.

  7. This is unbelievable!!!!

    I have watched black comedians in the country and I find it extraordinarily short sighted and irresponsible that they can’t seem to stay away from making a spectacle of negative stereotypes about blacks.

    How come I can watch “Everybody Loves Raymond” about and Italian family and not see one reference to the fact that the family is Italian, yet the show is very funny.
    When I hear terms like “Black People Time” I’m enraged as I’m a punctual person. We are foolish in the sense that we get upset when stereotypes/slurs are used in different contexts or circumstances. But these pejorative terms have negative effects even in all circumstances.

    And you have the ones of us who sit around and think this is harmless. It’s this type of apathy that allows things like this go unchallenged! It opens the door again for other ethnic groups to stigma blacks with a negative brush and as generations pass, they will become a perceptive reality!

    As for this Kevin J chap, we have a simple case of Marshall Mathers again, an infiltrator who comes in as said to be one to watch and soon enough is the leading comedian in the UK for mocking blacks.

    I don’t see other ethnic group that would be accepting of this. The ignorance and total like of foresite of this is immense, it’s as if we are accepting of getting back on slaves ships!

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