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On Sunday comedian Kevin J opened the prestigious Screen Nation Film & TV Awards but was forced to end his set early after crashing and burning in spectacular fashion. Click HERE to read all about it.

Screen Nation later spoke to Kevin about the incident.

Check out extracts from the interview below…

So why did it go so wrong tonight?

It’s a funny thing because I didn’t say anything that was borderline disrespectful, I spoke about looting. It was in my area. I made a joke about it, people didn’t like it but they should have come up to me afterwards and said something, not like while I’m on stage. Because at the end of the day everyone has been Tweeting about how disrespectful it was.

You’re in a reverse role here. Where it’s usually us standing out alone, you are like one man and his dog. How did you get into this kind of comedy?

I think if people knew who I was and where I’m from I wouldn’t get the sometimes icy response that I get. I grew up in Tottenham and I was the only white guy in my class. Everyone was Caribbean or African. I eat Nigerian food more than I eat British food. But I shouldn’t have to go around telling people that. I’m probably more Nigerian than a Nigerian. I’ve been to Nigeria 6 times, I’ve been to Ghana. It’s not by luck that I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m very intrigued by the African and Caribbean culture so that’s why I do what I do.

But that’s the life we live on a regular basis. Not everyone can be open-minded simply because of past experiences and protectiveness of our culture…

It’s upsetting to think that Africans and Caribbeans know what it feels like to be the only black person in a room. So for me to be here. I didn’t have to be here. I came here to celebrate a culture that I enjoy. I didn’t come because I had to. I would expect to be made to feel welcome. But I have to say, that the people who matter to me the youth – Kano, Shystie, Adam Deacon, Daniel Kaluya, Bashy, Dominque Moore all the people who are young Urban talent came up to me and greeted me with their respect at how I handled it. My peers are who matter to me.

Click HERE to read full interview.

 “I’m probably more Nigerian than a Nigerian”

Really Kevin? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

And I swear the word “URBAN” should be BANNED! This country has taken it too far now.

Your thoughts please…

UPDATE: Screen Nation has now removed the interview. I wonder why….

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  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    I can’t, I just can’t
    Why is Screen Nation giving him anymore air time??

  2. i quickly browsed some videos on youtube. I just do not see the humour in this young kid. He is upset that an actress made it clear she did not like his jokes. Just stop. I think judging by the tweets Alan Carr would have been funnier.

    Anyway his excuses of oh he been to Africa he “thinks” he is more Nigerian than a Nigerian and being the only white kids bla bla bla. He is a bit arrogant from what I read and he cannot complain that Black comedians and personalities are allowed to tread the unspoken and get away with it. He needs to remember his place as a cousin not a brother and do what any decent human being would do. Research your audience and make sure the comedy reflects that.

    Oh yeah just listening to him I thought he sounded like Dappy or any white person in the “urban” films team uk produce. Also that is where he is clearly wrong he was not addressing an “urban” crowd. His audience were African/Caribbean and not “urban” per se’.

    One more thing – the riots – they were like yesterday. Although participants came from all races, the majority blame was placed on African and Caribbean people and single parents so he obviously got this wrong.

  3. erm……. the quote of all quote of all quotes….!!! i’m more nigerian than most nigerians!!
    is utter classic!!!
    if you truly know what its like to roll with the massive and crew… you would never say that!!!
    never in a million years!!!…
    he has touched me with that one lyric
    i may check him out !! because with that one line he has got me bussing up !!
    that is funny!!
    as much as people may feel bothered by him or his ill timing at the screen nation film awards…. that one line has elevating him to my hall of fame!!

  4. Okay mate, you’re ‘more Nigerian’, than me yeah? LOL I’m done. Seeya!!! I actually stopped reading the interview as soon as I read that line, and just scrolled down to comment!

    Furthermore, there are just as many white folks in Totty, as there are black – It’s Tottenham, not flippin’ Barnes, so I dunno which cave he went to school in!

  5. unawareness, ego and ageism is rife. This is not the way fwd. I’m very disappointed. This facination with “respect” is clearly not 2 way!

    I have nothing more to say on this matter as further understanding into why people are/were vex is clearly not being given the important attention it deserves.

  6. i cant lie… i stopped reading at exactly the same point!!!…. killer lyrics!!!!
    as he is nigerian he will know what oyebo means!!!!

  7. hahahaha this guy actually said “I’m more Nigerian than a Nigerian” WHAT?!!!!!!!!!! not MOST Nigerians (which would still be dumb and stupid), He said he is more Nigerian than a Nigerian according to what I am reading above, hahahahhahahahah WHAT?!!!! what kind of Nigerian is he referring to? can a guy get more dumb? hahahahahahahhahaha!

    *falls out of chair laughing*

    so this geezer goes to Nigeria 6 times and is more Nigerian than a Nigerian? hahahahah

    I am gonna have to go away and come back


  8. Ok Kevin, you are “over feeling” yourself right now!
    What would have been best, was for you to keep it moving!
    Your act was lame, stereotypical, low brown, unoriginal and unsophisticated, which is why you got booed.
    Your act has been done a thousands times by Eddie Kadi and Kojo, the only difference is, your unique selling point is that your white. We’ve heard the fufu and rice jokes the jerk chicken and rice jokes a hundred times over, it was barely funny then, and its hardly funny now!
    Some foolish black folks are impressed with a white person that has knowledge of black culture, however, its ironic that you weren’t the first and you wont be the last white man to partake in our culture, and take the piss out of it.
    You going to Nigeria does not trump an actual Nigerian, with Nigerian DNA
    That is the trump of all trumps, so just fall back and stop beggin it! Shit Mayne!

    Its funny that it is ok for him to claim tha he’s more Nigerian than most Nigerians, yet there are people up and down this country who will look at my brown skin and tell me I’m not British, even though I was born here
    Go Figure!

  9. kevin needs a good kicking… more nigerian than most nigerians??? because you keep your head in between some nigerian girls legs?? your having a laugh mate (much bigger one than your audience was)

  10. This is what always makes me laugh just coz he got booed this boy is crying it’s the same with eminen when he moans how hard it was to get into the industry as a rapper, that’s what black people face in everyday life all over the world just to get an orindary job to feed their families they want to be black but when they get real black treatment like getted booed finding it hard to get a job etc they start crying.

    More Nigerian than a Nigerian LMAO, that’s jokes. I wonder if he used to get Nigerian beats or told that he has no choice he is going to be a doctor or a lawyer?????

    So what if he went to Nigerian he’s white he would’ve got treated better than the ordinary black person anyway, so I think he should shut his mouth before he puts himself deeper in a hole.

    Why is he even on the black circuit all we ever do is accomodate white people instead of elevate our own people.

  11. He should be thankful for the publicity he has received following his Screen Nation appearance. I had never heard of this guy before this happened. Nevertheless, I’m still not intrigued to have a look and see what he’s about – I’ve seen / heard enough. When will people understand that being black is not about the food you eat, whether you’ve been to Africa or whether you put grease in your hair! We should not be surprised at his ‘I’m more Nigerian than a Nigerian’ comment as this is exactly what I would expect from someone that thought it would work to give the same performance to an older higher brow Screen Nation crowd that he would give to a younger, more diverse ‘urban’ crowd. Good luck to him and his endeavours but I very much doubt I’ll be supporting his career anytime soon.

  12. as they should and they should flush it down the toilet where it belongs with such waste that comes out of the wrong hole of a persons body!

  13. ha h ah aha ha ha ha h ah!!!
    as my mum would say…. foooolsih boy!!!
    ( i wish him no ill but i dont know where he got the idea from in the first place)

  14. When he says lines like that more Nigerian than a Nigerian I always wonder if he has ever been laughed at because he had a Nigerian name, called a fraudster or a criminal, been beaten because he’s left handed, been told by a Jamacian that he’s lucky because he doesn’t look like a Nigerian, spent at least 10 minutes pronouncing his name to white people who still get it wrong and end up calling him Steve been turned down from multiple jobs because he has an Nigerian name even though he’s was born in the UK. Dude really needs a slap.

  15. movements!!! we need to let this one die….. it really has been funy but … i dont wanna laugh at someone killing their own career by not knowing when to shush!!!
    its sad….

  16. Chico-Rei :
    When he says lines like that more Nigerian than a Nigerian I always wonder if he has ever been laughed at because he had a Nigerian name, called a fraudster or a criminal, been beaten because he’s left handed, been told by a Jamacian that he’s lucky because he doesn’t look like a Nigerian, spent at least 10 minutes pronouncing his name to white people who still get it wrong and end up calling him Steve been turned down from multiple jobs because he has an Nigerian name even though he’s was born in the UK. Dude really needs a slap. i

    i meant that… I never knew how hard it was for some

  17. tymusic :
    i feel you aybaybe…. 100 percent… but remember he is more nigerian than any of us!!!… lol
    so he must know INNIT

    loooooooooooooool the boy needs a slap

  18. After reading all ur coments can I please point out to y’all that Kevin J is a comedian not a politician. A comedian is “a professional entertainer who amuses by relating anecdotes (a short account of a particular incident or event, especially of an interesting or amusing nature), acting out comical situations, engaging in humorous repartee

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