Luis Suarez and Patrick Evra

Liverpool FC player Luis Suarez has been found guilty of racially abusing French Manchester United star Patrick Evra.

Uruguayan striker Suarez has been given an eight-match ban and also fined £40,000.

During a match in October the following happened,

Via The Mail

Manchester United faced Liverpool in a Premier League match. In the 57th minute Suarez fouled Evra and tempers flared at the next corner. They squared up to each other and Evra asked why Suarez kicked him. Suarez said he should forget about it, these things happen. Evra claims Suarez then became racially abusive, using the word ‘negro’. Suarez denies using the word in that clash. Evra is clearly wound up, but nearby players do not seem particularly bothered. 

A few minutes later Marriner calls the pair together. Suarez apologises and tries to pat Evra on the head. It is alleged Evra said: ‘Don’t touch me, you South American,’ to which Suarez replies: ‘Porque, negro?’  

Evra catches Kuyt two minutes later and is booked. He allegedly shouts at Marriner: ‘You’re only booking me because I’m black.’

Suarez is bemused, saying: ‘I called him something his team-mates call him and even they were surprised by his reaction.’

Today it was also “revealed” that Suarez’s grandfather was black (LOL).

Patrice Evra has stated that he didn’t think Suarez was racist and the FA has accepted that he is not racist.

The word ‘negro’ means ‘black’ in Spanish and Portuguese and is used when talking about something or someone that is black. It is not deemed as an offensive word in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. So apart from calling Evra ‘negro’ what else did he say? Does anybody know?

Hmmmm…. I have a feeling that Liverpool/Suarez will appeal this decision.

Up next the whole John Terry and Anton Ferdinand affair where on this occasion there is video footage of England captain John calling Anton a “black c**t”.

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  1. Well just because his grandfather was Black don’t mean he thinks of himself as Black obviously! Otherwise he would have never called him that. Man i see racism in Europe is alive and kicking. It’s so strange how so many Latinos feel about Black people…when most are descendents of Blacks. But just like any other ethnic group….white is right and Black is bad… And if this is something his team mates are calling him….wow! I would never let them get away with that….

  2. I don’t quite understand why he felt the need to bring up Evra’s colour but
    Isn’t the word ‘negro’ a Spanish and Portuguese word that’s used all the time to describe something/someone that is black? Is it also seen as an offensive word to use in countries that speak those languages?

  3. @Janice yes Negro is a word used in Spanish to describe a color. But it all depends on how you use it. Just like lati said Negro on black shoe polish. He felt the need to bring up his color because he wanted to insult him. When you’re in a heated situation…you never say that to a black man. I don’t care if it is in Spanish or English. It’s about the timing… of it. Now if he had said Pinche Negro…..look out! That is saying fucking nigger…. And don’t let anyone tell you it’s a term of endearment….. cause it is not…

  4. yeah me too.. But why didn’t he just call him by his name? His name is not negro. My spanish friends and family call me Moreno. Because moreno means brown.. but it is used to call people Black… So when my fam and friends call me moreno…it’s talking about my color. Even though it is also my last name as well. Well i dropped it last year.. now i’m going by my moms last name…. Burt they still call me moreno…(Black)

  5. Janice , if you were having a conversation in english , would you use the word Negro to refer to a random black person ? I think not. It is crystal clear to me that they were having a discussion in english . Evra doesn’t speak a word of spanish. In the UK context the word Negro is not acceptable .

  6. Now you guys must know me from my post before that I am proud to be black and will fight for black people tooth and nail but to be honest I don’t think in this case Suarez was being racist. At the moment I live in Spain and it’s just how the people talk, people will say hey negro what’s up to a black man and negra to a black girl or moreno and morena even the black people say it to each other, black girls and latinas call me negro bello all the time which means beautiful black man, now don’t get me wrong there is racism here alot more than the UK, but when they say negro or moreno they’re not being racist, I’ve even started to hey blanco just to even things up lol. I hate Suarez but don’t think he should get fined for saying why black man?

  7. Um.. Chico-Rei , So you walk up to any white person and scream ” Hey , blanco , Hey blanquitto ” … do they in Spain say ” hey what’s up the jew ?”. something tells me the reverse theory could never work .

  8. Janice you make a good point. Also unlike the Terry situation there apparently is no evidence just the two sides of the argument. We know Negro in english is used completely different than in latin languages. interesting

  9. He is going to appeal the decision and will probably argue this point and might win.

    Did he call him a “black bastard”, a black s**t”? What did he say Evra apart from “why black man” ? lol

  10. lechatnoir :Um.. Chico-Rei , So you walk up to any white person and scream ” Hey , blanco , Hey blanquitto ” … do they in Spain say ” hey what’s up the jew ?”. something tells me the reverse theory could never work .

    No I don’t scream hey blanco like they don’t scream hey negro I say to them hey blanco like they say to me hey negro where did you get scream from??????

  11. woah so that’s how people greet each other in spain…ok but why do they greet by color??
    why not just hey man hey girl etc etc why the color greeting?
    gosh it’s just funny the way people live/how things are acceptable/unacceptable

  12. @chico-Rei i read this and just smh. If someone came to me and said hey negro…then there is a problem. I have been to spain 3 times and i noticed the racism. But racism is everywhere! But i would be very offended if someone addressed me as negro or moreno if they did not know me personally. I think sometimes when we live in an environment we tend to let things slide because we want to fit in. To be greeted by the color of my skin is foolishness. And why? Why is it necessary to do that? Why not as someone said just say hello. And if you know my name then use it…my name is not negro or moreno. I asked my dad who is Latino if he would like being greeted as negro or moreno and he said hell no. He said it was racist and demeaning as hell. He did say if it was a friend then that is really different. But for someone who doesn’t know you…it is not good. So all you see in me is my color….por favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are in a heated situation and you call me negro i don’t have time to figure out f you’re using it as a term of endearment. Black folks need to stop accepting things from people. Saying hey (blanco)white girl/guy is silly as hell to me… How is that evening things up? They love being call white…i’m sure they have a big smile on their face. Even if they don’t look white….white is a compliment to them. He should be fined he don’t have to say black bastard to be degrading. He has a name so use it..And if he is letting his teammates call him negro and has a name then he is a fool! And even if that is something that they do over there …think about it… is it right? You have a name… For me i am in no way that in love with any people in another country …that i would let them call me negro…moreno…and that’s my last name… Now do they call others hi blanco? Black people calling each other moreno is fine… In Puerto Rico they do it all the time…But others…not acceptable… And if you are ok with being called negro and you have a name …then do you.. But i bet you wouldn’t like it if you were in london and some white person said hey negro……..

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