During the Chelsea v QPR match earlier today, Chelsea star and England captain John Terry “allegedly” called QPR’s Anton Ferdinand a “black c**t”.

Check out the footage below.

[Thanks Karlito]


In a statement John said the following

“I’ve seen that there’s a lot of comments on the internet with regards to some video footage of me in today’s game.

“I’m disappointed that people have leapt to the wrong conclusions about the context of what I was seen to be saying to Anton Ferdinand. I thought Anton was accusing me of using a racist slur against him. I responded aggressively, saying that I never used that term.

“I would never say such a thing, and I’m saddened that people would think so.”

“I have known Anton for a long time and spoke to him about it after the game and there was no problem between us.

“I congratulated him on their win. He has not accused me of any wrongful remark. It was clear it was all a misunderstanding at the time.

“After the result today, I am saddened to be dealing with these wrongful allegations.”

Anton Ferdinand

Yeah whatever John….

Well it looks like he said “black c**t” in the footage, but he will get away with it because Anton won’t take it any further, thus giving the FA (Football Association) licence to just sweep the incident under the carpet.

UPDATE: The FA (Football Association) have been busy little bees this morning! They have removed online footage of John Terry “allegedly” hurling racial abuse at Anton Ferdinand. 

Fellow blogger Vex In The City is correct when she says the following…


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  1. The F.A love this man like “cooked food”. They wont do or say anything. His piss poor excuse is a joke. Any man that can “knock boots” with his best mates girl, shows they have no moral conduct, so him saying this comes as no surprise. I wonder if Anton cousin (Rio) will say anything to Terry? Probably not, most black footballers like to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to these issues. Cha!

  2. Did we expect any other behaviour from Edom? John Terry would have caught an open can from me if I was on that pitch. Stuff these white people who believe that they can keep talking to and about black people in a disrespectful and derogatory manner and continue to get away with it. However, it is not surprising really as you so called Negroes who are trying so desperately to fit in with the “man” and his system, he sees this desperation to “fit in” as a licence to do this kind of stuff and it is the blacks who are trying to keep themselves to themselves who are normally the ones have to deal with this racism head on.

  3. This is pathetic!! Makes me realise two things – how little this country has progressed in terms of race relations and what a bunch of losers the ‘co-called’ Black footballers who represent England are. Seriously why is John Terry still standing after that disgusting exchange?

  4. So this is normal??? Wow! How deep….no respect for the Black Footballers…. SMH Verbs right on point…. always trying to fit in…

  5. So the honorable thing for ferdy to do would be to give terry a slap to show these closet bnp members not to mess with the superior race and also set a precedence for all the up and coming young black youth playing football… then to take his lifelong ban from football with a clear conscience knowing that he had changed the opinion of all whites
    dear oh dear

  6. @Mattblack I don’t know how you could read that into the blog post and most of the comments that have been posted here. Maybe you feel we should all just keep our mouths shut like Ferdinand and all the other mute black footballers.

  7. Maybe MATT can tell us what the Honourable thing would be in this instance then. Why are we the superior race, because we object to being called names? Actually to take a stand and knock Terry out WOULD set an example to all the young black footballers coming up, instead of the example of banging whorish white chicks en masse which is being set now. Anton Ferdinand is NOT black though.

  8. This is no secret everyone in football knows John Terry is a racist it’s always been hushed up, he done something similar to Ledley King a few years ago

  9. makes mental note to beg my sons to play for a non european country should they choose football careers or simply have me as their manager and PR person.

    european football is laced with racism. the only reason non whites get a look in because they need the talent to compete on an international level. john terry should stop being british and talk it up how he feels.

  10. @Pheva
    blogs are for opinions and i gave mine…
    noone said Ferdinand should keep his mouth shut, he should tell it as it is and let the powers that be deal with it – should they do nothing then thats something different altogether
    Knocking out terry does nothing accept give those same so-called powers the feul to say black people are aggressive, violent and cant control themselves.
    So your answer is to knock terry out in full view of 20 cameras and millions of viewers and be up on an assualt charge??? Then get the book thrown at you by a judge who tells you you are a supposed to be a role model to kids, thus becoming another statistic of a black man in jail

    You honestly think that would stop the next “john terry” saying something? It would probably do the opposite with them knowing they can get under your skin.

    I personally would prefer to know who the racists are than to deal with the closet racism that goes on in every walk of life.
    I aint saying let it go – im just saying there’s other ways of dealing with things

    ps. banging ANY whorish chicks en masse aint that great in my book

  11. @ Matt Black

    In case you haven’t noticed, the powers that be have been manufacturing their own fuel to justify calling us aggressive, violent and uncontrollable animals from the beginning, they haven’t required our input. I still stand by my statement about opening up a can on John Terry because I have accepted the fact that white people on the whole hate us and this will never change, the last 500 plus years of history should make that clear to you. I now only appeal to individual whites who have the intelligence to use their own brains and circumnavigate around the propaganda that is spewed out about us daily. Most white people still buy into their own manufactured propaganda and quite frankly are not even worth wasting the time of day on.

    I am not interested in millions of viewers or 20 cameras, it is about just righteous recompense. By calling me a black c**t you are showing yourself to be a threat and therefore you must be dealt with on the spot to neutralise the aggression and to restore again some level of respect. Your response about dealing with this incident in another fashion is a typical response from a domesticated public. I no longer care for the white man’s opinion of me because I am not longer trying to appease him.

  12. @Verbs2011

    will you be feeling righteous and fulfilled when you’re behind bars? this has nothing to do with being domesticated, if you really feel you want exact some form of revenge wouldnt it be best to do it behind closed doors and not with millions of witnesses (then you can deny you did it just like Terry is doing)??? That would be the smart thing rather than going out to prove you cant be disrespected and paying for it with a loss of civil liberty.
    Agreed direct threats should be dealt with on the spot – however this was not a direct threat as he was running away at the time – so to chase him down and deal with him would be assualt.

    Anyway, if you have no care for the white mans opinion of you why would you be bothered in what he has to say to you in the first place
    A bit contradictory….

    And for the record im under no illusion of what white people (in general) think about us but i also know that to co-exist you need to do things in a certain way (the smart way), otherwise lets all go back to africa or wherever each of us is from and be done with it

  13. @Matt Black

    Get real, this is everything to do with being domesticated. Once upon a time these Europeans feared us and they never dared as much to bust as much racist jibes as they are doing today on a monumental scale. This is the problem with the domesticated public, they are too worried about the consequences of things and as a result, situations worsen. Don’t worry about the police cell, I can be in and out of one and no charges will be brought against me.

    This is blatant racism and disrespect, there is a different, this is not an opinion. I am not a black c**t. What, am I just supposed to stand there and allow somebody to verbally abuse me and take no action? Well, according to you yes. Well, no problem, you can take all the abuse you want but don’t complain and cry when you also get called a coon, wog or a nigga. The reason why these racist acts of verbal abuse are on the increase is because we stopped taken “immediate action”.

    It doesn’t take much to domesticate a Negro in this country, just give him a job, a house, a car and a Tescos down the street and a lion has been tamed.

  14. @Verbs

    racism has been happening for hundred of years and aint about to be removed anytime soon with or without violent retributions… i dont know where youre living to say the situation is worsening but anyway if you feel you could beat a case that shows you knocking out a man in front of millions of witnesses then you need to introduce me to your solicitor

    If you read my post carefully i didnt say “take no action” – i said you make your actions in a smart way.
    You sir, would take your action be locked in a cell and the only sufferer would be you and your offspring/family – and your plight to fight for the cause would be lost.

    But anyway – everyone deals with their struggles in a different way… i aint trying to convince noone you do your ting and i do mine

  15. @MattBlack

    That is not the point, the issue is that so called whites once upon a time thought twice about rattling off these kind of racist jibes that they so liberally let off nowadays. A strong recompense is coming to the European man for the skull duggery that he has committed against us but not before this nation of people attempt to wipe us off the face of this planet. Perhaps you haven’t heard of Eugenics, nothing has changed, the European man still wants your head. It is a bit difficult to co-exist with people who are trying to kill me. Longevity of racism on this planet is not an excuse for tolerance.

    You denying that racial tension is getting worse is just a symptom of a content slave on masser’s plantation who thinks everything is ok on the field. Everything is not ok and soon these so called whites are going to show you just how much pent up hatred they really have for you, I hope you will be ready when the excrement hits the fan.

    I wouldn’t need a solicitor, when you know your common law rights, solicitors are no longer needed:

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