BANG 103.6FM has been shortlisted for a £50,000 grant from the Big Lottery.

This funding will allow us to launch BANG Talent which will offer young people in Brent the opportunity to join a music-making project to develop their skills and abilities and celebrate their talents. The project will include workshops, courses, free studio time and live showcases.

A TV feature on BANG Talent will be shown on ITV’s London Tonight on WEDNESDAY 24th NOVEMBER between 6-6.30pm and all our supporters will need to call on the night and vote for us to win- we are only against one other organisation, so we have a really good chance of winning this.

The winner of this funding is chosen by YOU, the viewer, and the project with the most votes wins!

The phone lines open at 9am and close at midnight on 24th November 2010

You can vote 10 times from every phone line that you have and from a BT line it works out at 10p per call which is a total £1.00 for 10 votes and you votes could be what makes us win!

The telephone number to vote will be released on the morning of the 24th November- to find the number please check our website or on 24th November. Alternatively you can register to vote and we will send you the number to call on the morning of the 24th.

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  1. I love bang radio! I may not live in the UK but i listen to this station everyday. And i love all the presenters and i like what they try to do for our people. Sherry Dixon just had her 1st Birthday on the satation on Sunday. You don’t hear of many people who really care about the Black community. So if any of you really appreciate someone who cares about our community give Sherry a Shout out on sunday afternoons. I sent her a nice note and she really appreciated it. As you can see i love the Sherry Dixon!

  2. Yep. Lati i love me some Sherry Dixon! Just a down sister! I listen to her show because everY topic can apply to anyone who is Black. Or anyone who is! But mostly she makes you aware of things that are going on in our community. Weather it be in the UK…it still applies to people like me here in the USA. Plus i love learning about our people no matter where they are…

  3. Agreed. She’s cool too and kind of down to earth (that’s how she comes accross).

    Ps, it was a lovely note with lovely sentiments.

  4. I’m all for supporting and what’s a pound eh?

    I haven’t yet ventured into the word of DAB radio, and I can’t pick up 103.60 on the ones I do have. I keep hearing about this station via Twitter so I gotta listen at some point. Tired of Kiss with Rickie & Melvin’s arse licking of medicore guests who sit in their chair every morning. Capital is well Capital and Choice I can’t pick that one up either (but I think that maybe a blessing actually) in disguise.

    Janice, I think you should get the ‘Tweet This’ button plugin on your site. Will make it easier to RT stories from here straight to twitter, and with a cause like this, make it much easier for peeps to spread the word too.

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