The British media are at it again! Trying their hardest to make it seem as if the “nation’s sweetheart” has credibility amongst US male stars within the world of Hip Hop and R&B.

First they published news that she supposedly received praise from rapper T.I, then came Usher, then came Jay-Z, then came Ne-Yo, then came Akon, then came Iyaz, then came Trey Songz (who didn’t even know who the woman was) and now we’re back to Usher again.

Who will be praising her next? Jah Cure? Beanie Man? Bounty Killer? Mavado?

Anyway if The Daily Mirror is to be believed, the R&B turned Dance superstar (Usher) allegedly said this about the fraud.

“Cheryl is so pretty spent a little time with her in England last month at X Factor.

“I’m sure she’s gonna make it in the States. She’s got it going on.”

“I want her on stage for sure. It will be really nice, if she has time,” he said. “She got moves.

“Afterwards maybe we can have a roast dinner, or we’ll get Newcastle Brown Ale. That’s what you guys like, right?”

Hahahaha! Pure BS Daily Mirror.

The "nations sweetheart" Chezza Cole

And I’m sorry but I refuse to believe that the words ‘Newcastle Brown Ale’ came out of Usher’s mouth.

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  1. Por Favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ninguna manera! (no way) All lies.. I’m so sick of the media there thinking every Black man is in love with this clown! What do they think of Black men over there? What the fuck!!!!!!! Do they think we all want white women?? Hell no….not at all….. nunca!(never) I’m sorry i got into spanish when i get a lil! It’s just sad to see the media making fools of my people… If Usher would ever have her on stage here…..they would let him have it….

  2. Esta es toda basura, cosign Moreno. Make what? The music industry is dead, it has seen better days. Who is Flusher, sorry Usher today? Washed up and dead. Cheryl will be making hot air.

  3. This vexes me differently, it’s just all too much now, at first it was understandable hype and extra-ness on the side of british media, the trey songs etc… but they need to just call it a day now, USHER, nah man, absolute Pisstake!

  4. …But MADNEWS where’s the article, I need to see the swollen eye of the black woman – people need to always be reminded of what Cheryl truly is.

  5. This is worse than the hyping up of Nicki Minaj. Simon Cowell MUST be behind this. She’s not gonna sell in the US….They need to give the US music buyers some credit. Even artists who should be selling because they’re talented AREN’T selling.

  6. LondonDiva you’re so right… this would be a sad! Who is she anyway?? And Janice where is that picture of the lady she beat up?? Do you guys over there forget that easily??? That picture should be plastered all over the front page of your news papers… the Voice for starters… I bet her PR people wouldn’t like!

  7. verb2010….usted habla español… gran!!! Hey the music industry if very weak at this time. And there are so many talented people out here that are not doing a thing. It would be nice just to see these artist come up with better material… I need a song that makes me say… Allright!!! I want that energy back into music like it use to be. Man if i could sing…..i would be on! Hey why are they trying to shove this Cheryl chick down everyones throat? But i’m willing to bet that there are a lot of Black people just as in love with her as others are. And i’m sure that there are many BLACK gIRS over there that want to be like her…right? I always marvel at the fact of Black people trying to be like others and not embracing who they are. It’s the same here in the USA…. I will never get it….never …it just makes no sense to me.

  8. I think she should go to the US and flop like mad, That would bring her down to earth and she would see how her best matey Simon Cowell runs from her like she has the plague. That man only like the smell of success and failure is not in his vocabulary.

  9. Un poco, estoy aprendiendo todavia. Its time for people to take their music to the local streets as used to happen in times past as the beast called the music industry has terminal cancer, I believe. People can make a serious impact locally more than they think. The other alternative is to do what Ty does and perform offshore in different countries.

  10. Verbs2010 So you’re still learning cool! And you’re right that was all! I forgot to answer you… I can’t really write it well….but I do the best I! Sometimes I call my dad and ask him how to spell something in! But it would be nice if the music industry would have more of a vibe that makes you want to go out and purchase music. You mentioned Ty I heard him on the Sherry Dixon Show on Bang Radio that is how I know about him. And he’s really good! A lot better than so many so called famous artists. The one song I really like is called Heart is breaking (I think!!!) A buddy sent me the music and I now have it on my! Right now the music industry sucks the big one…only because it thinks it knows what we want to hear. And what I don’t like is the way they degrade Black women in the videos… The artist really don’t have that much control unless you are a Jay-z

  11. True, but even the Jay Z clown is still controlled to some extent. They cannot control music that is locally produced distributed with a positive message and knowledge like it was back in the day. People used to pass on knowledge through the music. They cannot control music that does not go through their check points. Produce the track, hand out a couple of copies and watch it spread like wild fire(I know this personally for a fact myself), especially if it is talking about what is going on in the world today and who really is to blame(ie NWO, Illuminati). The industry isnt needed, we just needs people to realise what power the people truly have within themselves.

  12. Verb2010 i must say you have a very valid point. I will have to agree! The power that people have within themselves.. It’s funny you would say that because that is something i believe in..100%.Knowledge…they say people really don’t want to hear about anything that is uplifting. I don’t agree with that at all…so yeah….you’re so right. I’m just thinking as i write…and it came to me that we are power if we stick together….

  13. *throws up in mouth*

    PRETTY????????????????? GTFOH

    I don’t belive this donkey shit either!!!!

    Somebody get Usher on the phone I want to hear him says this bullshit!!

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