Rapper Chipmunk has been raving about his new single Flying High for the past week now.  So does it lived up to the hype?

Well like with most mainstream UK “urban” music these days… no not really. But to be fair the production isn’t bad.

The video – another UK emcee going out of his way to honour Jay-Z by mimicking his mannerisms and choice of clothing.  Then we have the African theme running through the video which doesn’t connect to the track.

Then you have exotic/European looking chicks cast as the ‘desirable’ one’s rubbing up next to the star, while the black chicks (obviously representing Africa) are cast as wild looking  juju women.

UK ‘urban’ music videos…. you gotta luv em!

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. if only this song touched on some kind of understanding of him being in Africa and feeling some kind of connection. It felt like a waste of beat and video concept but then again he’s a young kid right?

  2. yeah Janice, I also get the feeling this song was inspired by “Power” by Kanye West, not the video just the sound of beat which is good by the way. I guess I shouldn’t expect too much from a child who basically is controlled by his label. So I guess it’s for his fans really……….

  3. I don’t expect much. I’m just glad to see black women featured in an UK urban artist video. The song itself is okay. Better than the blatant whitewashed recent Roll Deep efforts.

  4. I liked the song and the video.. I was prepared to hate it but it’s aight.

    I feel sorry for his ego though seeing how many people dislike the video on YT.

  5. There are traditional songs that have these types of characters ‘juju’ men or women. But they are really supposed to be traditional medicine women and men which isn’t supposed to be that bad a thing if harmless. And there are also courtship traditional dances. The exotic woman tbh would be called kinda slutty in a traditional dance. So i ain’t mad.

  6. ‘The exotic move and dance antics in a traditional dance’^^^ but hey, it’s a cross over kinda of mix ‘shrugs’

  7. At 2:19 I’ve had enough. Why am I not even surprised at the casting for this music video. Janice touched on it in her post. I don’t need to repeat it.

  8. a little while back, Vhippy wanted to top himself no, now he is flying high??? meh, I think there some things in the video that don’t make sense on the surface, like what is / are they connected to, but it’s just symbolism to me, and it represents the same thing that Jay-z video was presenting in symbols I think it was called ‘Onto The next One’ and similar to ‘Run This Town’ … those that know will see it 😉

  9. Hakuna Matata! I reckon 1930s Disney could give a more accurate portrayal of ‘Africa’. Grassskirts, facepaint and lions, yep that’s Africa all right! lol!
    Oh, the song? Err..very weak clapping and chanting devoid of bassline yet again..great for the 7 year olds ringtone-check!

  10. The video was ok… i like the fact that it was shot in Africa. Chippy is a kid and it is obvious that he has no control. I was listining to him talk to Max on BBC1xtra friday. And he talked about how proud he was to shoot the video in Africa. And he spoke about topping his last cd… I wish him the best with all good intentions. But he is just making 21 i think so you expect him not to be concious of many things. Yeah i would have liked to have seen Black women played differently. But then again you can take pride in the roll of what the Black women represent… Outside of the video being shot in africa…not much going on..And someone said something about Disney portrayal..they are right on the money because it reminded me of one of those old! Chippy really thinks highly of himself …so lets see what he has to offer on his next single. But i do like the kid and he is Black so i’m rooting for him… Oh but what is with all of those tats…too many…

  11. fr… Just a little while back he was getting irate with people asking him about the symbolism and claiming he doesnt know what everyone is banging on about. How about the next time someone makes a suggestion, you ask “why?” instead of licking their boots for that “paper” you keep banging on about getting. Rant over. We shall all sleep easy now knowing he is getting that paper

  12. SooperWOm… I think he knows a lot more about symbolism then he lets on, I rememember -wait.. lemme see if I can find it lol… alas it has been set to private / deleted, hummm, a behind the scenes video from 2009 with a drunk Skepta, frisco and tippsy chipmunk, near the begin, Chipmunk makes a devil horn sign with his fingers and Skepta almost switches, hotting him up, like why is he showing that, like he [Chippy] was excited, but didn’t fully understand yet, aking him if he knows what it means etc and Chippy’s reply was yeah, ermm it means peace init,…NO (cover up lies for the camera, SBTV)they both know what it means, I beleive there both know far more about symbolism and soul-selling then they will ever let on, but anyhow rant over, back to work lol 😉

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