The MTV Video Music Awards 2008 took place in Los Angeles last night, and here is a live blog covering the night’s events courtesy of Rolling Stone. READ

I knew that British host/comedian Russell Brand would bomb. Russell’s crude sense of humour is just way out there, and goes over most people’s heads, so I don’t understand why they chose him to host this year’s ceremony in front of a huge American audience.

I don’t think I’ll bother tuning in when it airs again here tonight. I just know it’s going to be painful to watch.

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  1. I haven’t watched the VMA’s since the 80’s it is so corny!!

    I saw when Britney accepted her Moonman and that was only because I was flipping channels. I thought she looked great and sounded like she was sincere, at least she was not drunk or high! GO BRIT!!!

    Oh and I caught a tiny bit of the performance from Mr. Kick Push himself…not impressed.

    Russell Brand worked for MTV long way ago and was fired from there when he showed up for hosting duties dressed as Osama Bin Laden …yeah…not so swift but if you are going to shock the people!!!


    If and that is a BIG IF I watch the re-runs I will comment further but it is Fashion Week in NYC so I will be working!!!

    Peace, Love and Hairgrease

  2. i thought he was f’n hilarious!!

    most americans need to get that chip off their shoulder…

    as for the vma’s…sigh…i haven’t watched in years…but i had to see what was going to go down with russell…

    i was shocked when i they began running the tv ads and I saw his face…I was thinking “they must not know…they really don’t know what they are in for picking him to host.” lol

    yea but like always, the show itself…whackity whack whack.

  3. Read about that (d joke), of course they didn’t get the apology either. Haven’t watched the VMAs in ages due 2 the tiny fact that I haven’t had MTV in ages. Oh well, I hope Kanye threw a tantrum.

  4. The Bush joke was a killer…. and Mishal you’re right, what were they thinking picking Russell.

    He has always been controversial, so surely they must have ran some tapes of him before hand. The just love to court the drama.

    Twas hilarious !!!

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