Err no Kanye…. NO!!! What the hell were you thinking????

If he has good friends around him then they should have been honest and said to him “DON’T RELEASE THIS TRACK. LOCK IT AWAY IN A VAULT!!!. DESTROY IT!!!!!”

I cannot believe that he closed the show with this mess.


Check out this footage before You Tube pulls it down!

‘Love Lockdown’

You know what, if a really talented vocalist (preferably female) sang this track it would work.

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  1. i aint wathed it yet
    but i saw something online some new track where they messed it up .. and i thought .. why are you singing this all by yourself… no need!!! YOUR VOCALS NOT THAT STRONG.. ( oh neither is mine..)lol

  2. Ok, it’s not THAT bad & what’s with all this rapper turned singer routine? I’m sure the studio version’s betta. Or he could have gone with the Quincy routine.

  3. You guys are crazy, This was sexy as hell!! You all know there are alot of so called singers out there receiving props for their song. It was a good song. I do agree the lyrics were not strong. But the beat was on fire!!

  4. If I went to an open mic session and heard this, I would be giggling in the corner…but its Kanye, so we gonna analyse the artform..lmao

  5. What the …..!!! I felt a bit sick after watching him – what was he doing, he’s usually amazing. If he witnessed anyone else doing that he would have slated them….but u know what he has money….so you can do whatyalike when your that rich….but pleaasssse Kanye don’t do that again!

  6. That is Kanye, with his: “F**k You I am Rich Biotch!” I Can Do What The F**k I Want!”

    And yes it would sound better being sung by someone like Van Hunt!!!

  7. nah, im not lovin this one.

    he’s startin to believe his own hype now. He’s so organically arrogant, that when he does s**t like this, he thinks he’s being sincere.

    trendsetters shouldn’t follow trends.

  8. Ummmm… I loved it. Even for a dude who doesn’t sing, he did a good job of keeping on tune. Have you heard some known vocalists out there perform live? Some of them sound like pure garbage, and Kanye ain’t even that and he did ok. Didn’t u guys learn anything by watching the awards? Art is transcending the ordinary. a song doesn’t have to be sung by an actual “singer” to be good, just like the award show was completely different from anything we’ve ever seen. check it out one more time, just one more and tell me u don’t see the genius in it. Open ur mind and ear to new things. Also the lyrics (few as they are) are pretty hot

  9. it was crap.

    f**k art. He was Alexis muse for too long.

    btw the awards were being handed out for VIDEOS and not songs, which is why i switched ova after about 5 mins.

  10. I like the song, honestly i did, it was amazing. The lyrics are incredible and the performance was simple yet captivating. I do agree, his vocals rn’t that great but the somg served its purpose. It was still a great performance, dunno y’all hating.

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