Britney Spears


I wouldn’t normally feature a video/track by Britney Spears on here, but seeing as she is now “officially” back, I thought I would post her much hyped come back single ‘Womanizer’. Was it worth the wait I hear you ask…. NO! ‘Womanizer’ is awful! Utter Pop crap!  As for the video…. smh……. well watch for yourselves….. I always admired the way she presented herself in video’s and on stage. Hair, make-up, clothing, choreography- everything was in place.  But now everything about her just seems slap dash []


The MTV Video Music Awards 2008 took place in Los Angeles last night, and here is a live blog covering the night’s events courtesy of Rolling Stone. READ I knew that British host/comedian Russell Brand would bomb. Russell’s crude sense of humour is just way out there, and goes over most people’s heads, so I don’t understand why they chose him to host this year’s ceremony in front of a huge American audience. I don’t think I’ll bother tuning in when it airs again here []