Ashley Cole strolling in to Westminster Magistrates’ Court last week ready to defend his “good friend” John Terry.

Several days ago a Twitter user tweeted footballer Rio Ferdinand (brother of Anton) and called fellow player Ashley Cole a “choc ice” and a “sell out”.


Cole appeared in court last week and defended his “good friend” and Chelsea team-mate John Terry during his racism trial. Terry had been accused of calling QPR player Anton Ferdinand a “f**king black c*nt” during a match in October 2011. He admitted to shouting the words but was cleared of racially abusing Ferdinand. (Click HERE to read all about it).

Since the tweet was sent  the Metropolitan Police Twitter account has received a SEA of complaints from the public (ridiculous Chelsea FC supporters) screaming racism and are now investigating the “offending” tweet and the man who sent it.

The mainstream media has also jumped on this story with a QUICKNESS, going out of their way to analyse and research ‘black lingo’, what the term “choc ice” could possibly mean, and have even wrongly accused Rio of sending the tweet (yeah I’m looking at you This Morning, The Daily Mail and The Daily Mirror) even though it is clear for all to see that he did not send the tweet or coin the phrase “choc ice”.  He just replied to it.

John Terry shouted the words “f**king black c*nt” at Anton Ferdinand but he was cleared of any wrong doing. Rio Ferdinand responds to a tweet that refered to Ashley Cole as being a “sell out” and a “choc ice” and is now labeled a racist.

Hahahahaha. You couldn’t make this foolishness up!

Anyway while taking a well-earned break from shining John Terry’s shoes Cole moved to calm the situation down. His lawyers said in a statement:

‘Ashley has been made aware of the discussion following comments appearing on Twitter and wishes to make it clear that he and Rio Ferdinand are good friends and Ashley has no intention of making any sort of complaint.

‘Ashley appreciates that tweeting is so quick it often results in off-hand and stray comments.’

Next the mainstream press will be hanging around barber shops and hair salons in Brixton and Harlesden in their quest to conduct more research in to the different ‘slang terms’ we use amongst ourselves in the black community to describe a “sell out”.


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  1. As per usual, I am very suspicious when the mainstream media jumps all over a story, the swines can never be trusted, they always have a hidden agenda afoot under the table.

  2. So it’s Ok to say what John T said and Rio was replying to a tweet it causes a massive uproar. I got called bounty and Oreo throughout school, so choc ice is new to me.

  3. As I am not a British/ English native speaking, can someone actually explain me what does it mean???

    I think that the very first time Ashley Cole has been liked and supported by some football fans, mainstream media and Daily Mail readers, he must be so happy.

  4. I swear the world has gone mad. I hate white liberal middle class people more than straight up racists, because what you normally find is they’re a 100 times worse

  5. Well I am calling Ashley a coconut, choc-ice, bounty and a sell out, so send the Police!

  6. Cosign Chico Rei, you are absolutely right, these so called “liberals” are normally some of the most intolerant people you can meet. They give themselves the name liberal but to be honest that title for them is nothing but a joke and a delusion.

  7. Choc Ice, Bounty, Coconut, house slave, whipped, fool, fassy. All of the above! He’s a dick!

  8. it makes me laugh that so many people didn’t expect Ashley Cole to jump to John Terry’s defence. He married a woman who beat up a toilet attendant and called her a Black *itch for god sake. Im not saying its ok. but don’t be so supprised!!

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