John Terry and Anton Ferdinand during match in October 2011 where the incident took place.

Today footballer John Terry was found not guilty of racially abusing QPR player Anton Ferdinand.

Terry had been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence after “allegedly” calling Ferdinand a “f**king black c*nt” during a match in October 2011.

*Note: This was filmed and we all saw him shouting those words*

Click HERE to read the full judgment on the verdict.

Shoe shine boy Ashley Cole appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday to defend his “good friend” John Terry

Like I said earlier this week John Terry is like a cat with nine lives. I knew the low life would get off. He will continue to be  hailed a “hero” again by Chelsea fans and the media, and his “good friend” Ashley Cole who happily defended him in court on Wednesday can continue to shine Terry’s Gucci shoes.

Speaking of that spineless chief Cole I wonder what impact this verdict will have on him. Shoe shine boy better prepare himself for the possible heat that’s about to lick his skin.

Anyway in response to today’s verdict Chair of London Race & Criminal Justice Consortium Lee Jasper tweeted:

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  1. Predictable. What other response did we expect from the courts of Edom? Lee Jasper’s tweet is also very fitting and I know exactly what he is saying, what I have been stating all along, that when we stopped dealing with this insults and nipping them in the bud “on the spot”, that was the beginning of the end for the so called Negro in the UK.

    The so called European man was never this brazen, bold and arrogant against us in times past. But again, give a Negro a house, a plasma telvision and a Tescos local and the lion has been tamed.

    Some of you blacks in this country still don’t get it, you cannot and will never again get any righteous justice from HM Babylon’s court system. Isn’t this example enough for you?

  2. *shoe shine boy Ashley* Janice you are a mess! that line alone had me in tears

  3. There will still be black people in the UK who think the verdict was right and this type of language is all ‘banter’. They hear it daily from their best friends, wives, in-laws etc and dont see anything wrong with it. If those people were racist surely they wouldn’t be allowed in their presence, the rest of us just have chips on our shoulders or are jealous because we dont ‘fit in’…

    Anyway, i will continue to teach my children to teach any racism against them as an immediate threat on their life therefore any use of violence in retalition is self defence.

    if they end up in court, I’ll call John Terry’s lawyer.

  4. *shoe shine boy Ashley* Janice you are a mess! that line alone had me in tears. The verdict is just the result of Black/mixed not sticking together and being in denial of racism in this country. Some go as far of thinking they are better off that in the US

  5. I knew they wouldn’t do anything when they kept on postponing the whole case. It’s so terrible that everyone thought he had made a racist remark, but thanks to Ashley Cole and a few other sell outs, he has been cleared. They just cleared him in court, but it doesn’t change what he did and the fact that it was racist. Smh at all attempts to kick racism out of football. It’s a pure joke. But look at those who are not helping the matter.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if Anton’s football career somewhere along the way becomes stuck.

  7. Will the FA do there internal investigation now the criminal farce has completed its show. I am done already hearing about this unless something new comes up. My enjoyment of watching the news has ended for the weekend.

  8. tymusic :
    who brought the actual action to the courts?

    it was not Anton Ferdinand but an off duty police office complained and then the CPS decided there was a case to answer so really it was the judicial system

  9. Racism is on both sides though, black people don’t think it is racist to call any other race names, I am multi-racial and get racist remarks form black people all the time.

  10. Black people call me high yellow, red bone, white-wash black, those are racist names, I when you tell them they are being racist, they just don’t get it.

  11. Penny :
    Black people call me high yellow, red bone, white-wash black, those are racist names, I when you tell them they are being racist, they just don’t get it.

    If your are black or mixed race and it is a black( of African Descent) (or mixed race) person calling you those names they are not being racist. Light skinned people in JA are called browning and redskin all to do with skin hue etc

    Racism is according to the dictionary is as follows and not as you describe
    a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

  12. I am sad and disapoointed with you morrons that call yourselves blacks and think it is your God given right to disrage others, and then cannot bear it when anything does not go your way. We keep blaming others over This case, when it is a well documented fact that the Ferdinand’s are a terrible bunch that have never been known to be dignified in their altitude. Care to ask West Ham fans the behaviour of the two, also care to ask England players how divisive Rio is when he cannot get his way as he thinks he is above everyone else, including the idiot blogger, who should be a role model and stop using ridiculous languages to describe people when he doe not like them. I have a Black and proud African, who values my root and people, but also a firm believable that life, is about give and take. Anton abused somebody on the pitch, and got a response, appropriate or not, but this seems lost a=on all. Rio has just tweeted what amounts to a racist abuse on Cole, what do we do? We try to justify it. As blacks, earn your respect by respecting yourselves first.

  13. Stand in front of a mirror and take a long hard look at yourself George and then go back and read the comments you’ve posted.

    You call us idiots George???? hahhahaha yeah ok if you say so.

    If its a role model that you’re looking for George may I suggest you look to Ashley Cole.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  14. What kind of stupid statement have you made George? “Duh George, are we going to catch some mouses today George?”

    If by the term “the idiot blogger”, you are referring to me, I am always happy to go toe to toe anytime with chicken neck, yellow belly, delusional, brown nosing blacks such as yourself who still believe that everything is OK on masser’s plantation. You talked about us not bearing the fact when things never go our way but what molehill have you been living in George? Nothing ever goes in favour of the so called Negro under white rule, it never has and it never will do.

    You want to highlight this one case as if it an isolated incident yet still dismiss the countless other cases similar to this and I haven’t even begun to mention all of the cases which are occurring daily that not even related to football.

    “Using ridiculous languages to describe people when he does not like them”. Some Negroes really ought to keep their mouths shut and conduct some basic research into historic descriptions of certain nationalities before the official terms used today, before they open their cancerous and maggot filled jaws about issues they know not of. I see that Masser has trained you well George.

    No problem George, if you want to shine the boots of Babylon(that is the European man and his system if you do not understand this by the way) then that is your business, but don’t come on here and call black people names because some of us are sick and tired and have been pointing out the constant injustices that black people have been suffering at the hands of whites, under system that by the way that was not built to include us within it.

    There is always some stupid black out there such as yourself who is always trying to justify racism against our people. So what if Anton started it, did Anton call John Terry a honkey or a perkerwood or white trash, was Anton’s comment racially based towards Terry………..NO. So don’t even attempt to justify what Terry did. Terry racist comment towards Anton is disrespectful period, it should not have happened, but can we really expect any other behaviour from white people on the whole?

    You coons are a serious problem to the progression of Black people in an already difficult system, constantly greasing up your rectums for the ploughing by Masser and then you want to turn around and look at me and other blacks in a funny way because we are conscious, have respect for ourselves and do not want our batties to be rinsed out dry???

    White people on the whole do not respect black people, heck they do not even respect themselves anymore. So, you want to talk about respect George, you can started by wiping your semen and vaseline backside clean and pulling up those trousers around your ankles George. Coming on here trying to lick out shots with dud blanks, the nerve of it. Adios bootlicker.

  15. I see you did not get the point I was making, that is not surprising, since it appears you still dwell in the issues of the past when time and events have moved us on in terms of race relations across the Diaspora. Do I think that institutional and subtle racism still permeates our daily lives? obviously yes; but I also believe that blacks have done so much and achieved so much, that playing the race card every time something happens, is getting too pathetic for where we are heading to. I am sorry to say, it is people like you who should be the vanguard of bridging the divide and highlighting that which is good, and addressing in a concrete way that which is not, that is making it worse. I subscribe to your blog, and sometimes read with fascinating interest how you talk down people you don’t like. I presumed that is your style, and trust me, you do not want to be portrayed as an angry black woman, because I am sure you are more than that. I know a lot of blacks sisters are wonderful and are held in high esteem by all section so the society. be more constructive, call a spade a spade; perhaps take a leaf from Ian Wright and other prominent blacks you were more subtle in their analysis of the situation and not been judgmental. I do not know John Terry and do not like what he stands for in some of his actions, but that does not mean that I will be quick to jump to conclusion because a fellow black had a suspicious motive to push a race agenda. The same people almost made the beginning of the European championship all about Rio instead of the England team including other Black players like Danny Welbeck who went to his first tournament. Please think before you write, it is important that people look up to you in a positive way across all sections of the society as a fair and balanced social critic. I am proud to be AFRICAN and would never trade my heritage for any gold or silver, but also, I am an educated African who can take whatever life and other race dish at me and continue to push towards my GOD given destiny. THE HALLMARK OF A MAN IS NOT HOW MANY TIMES HE FALLS OR GETS KNOCKED BACK; RATHER, HOW TENACIOUS HE IS IN RISING UP FROM EVERY KNOCK AND CONTINUING THE STRUGGLE. (Please permit errors).

  16. Thanks for the advice George. Now excuse me while I run along and work out my “angry black woman” issues.

    Take a leaf out of Ian Wright’s book??? yeah will do.

    “Please think before you write, it is important that people look up to you in a positive way across all sections of the society as a fair and balanced social critic.”

    This is a personal blog. My thoughts my views. This isn’t The Guardian. In regards to this subject matter my views will NEVER change so you better get ready to click on the “unsubscribe” button sir!

  17. fair enough Janice; will still subcribe to your blog and enjoy some of your views, nothing spoil, as we say in my country of birth.

  18. Let me just slap myself in the mouth, just to ensure that I am still living on earth. Are you for real George, “moved us on in terms of race relations”? You would actually come back here and have the cheek to say that we as black people actually have relations with other nationalities? What, where, how George? Moved on what part George? Let me just set the record straight, nothing has moved on bootlicker, we were treated like crud by other nations in the past and these same nations still treat us like utter trash today George, nothing has changed.

    Nooooooooooo. White people on the whole some time ago began the reverse psychological guilt trip technique, of attempting to make black people feel bad and remorseful for speaking out and highlighting racial discrimination against ourselves. I have lived among white people all of my life, I know how they work and what trickery they can pull out of their dark dodgy hats to evade accountability and responsibility for their reprobate actions.

    We have achieved a little George, we would have achieved a million fold more if we had more of a free reign under this system of Babylon you enjoy licking the boots of. This is by no means me saying that we should just throw in the towel and turn into whining jelly bellies, however there is nothing wrong with pointing out the deliberate hindrances that have been put in our way, we have the right to call a brass monkey a brass monkey without any reprisals, and especially without any reprisals from our own.

    Talking about “bridging the divide” when the division has always been there from the beginning. It is simply a case now that the illusion of unity is beginning to fade, so people can now clearly see that the emperor has no clothes. So, no there was never any unity to begin with, this “unity” illusion was simply part of the indoctrination boot camp training you received on Masser’s field.

    I have no time for coconut token celebrities who pulled down their trousers long ago for Babylon and I am a man who will speak plainly about an issue. You need to smell an industrial strength cup of coffee and stop diluting, trying to tip toe and be delicate about things, this is more of your European training coming out George. John Terry is a racist wanker, end of story and what does that make you for attempting to defend his actions aswell as standing against your own people? Self Hatred Does Not Equal Wisdom George!

    I know that some of your comments are directed at Janice but I still feel the need to chime in because you have made some outlandish statements in your address. I personally do not fell that I have to cater to society, I speak the truth in its raw form, something that society doesn’t really like and cannot handle, therefore how I am looked upon by society is neither here nor there to me. Regrettably your talk of balance, positivity and fairness simply means compromise and diluting the truth and that I will not do.

    And then you attempt to come with some sort of statement of moral code to end your rant of compromise. Let me give you a real moral code of understanding George:

    “If You Refuse To Use Your Own Brain, Then Somebody Else Will Happily Use It For You, Normally Always To Their Advantage And To Your Detriment” – Verbs 2012. Not copyrighted, take note and use it well bootlicker!

  19. @George I can tell that you were not born and raised in England from your comments. and you describe Janice as an “idiot blogger” but still insist on subscribing to the blog when told to unsubscribe if you don’t agree with her views. There seems to be a pattern on blogs, especially here where people pop up to complain but still keep on returning.

  20. @ Verb 2012 – There is an adage that says “if you see a mad person dancing naked in a market square and attempt to try and clothes and take care of them, you will be perceived to be mad as well”; such there is no point responding to your vitriolic. I see you did not get the essence of my note, and will never get it. Bitterness is a prelude to life of negative achievements.

  21. Some people always assume that they are in the right and that they have put something across in a concise and coherent manner despite that fact that they clearly have made grave errors for all to see. If you are saying that I never understood what you were stating, may be it was because you never made a point to begin with, hmmm, did you ever consider that possibility George?

    Or maybe it is because people understood EXACTLY what you were saying and you weren’t expecting to receive such a backlash for your statement of reprobation. Trying to justify a racist and at the same time selling your own people down the river for favour with Babylon, you got rinsed and crucified here and you deserved every bit of it. Shouldn’t you be getting back to shining ol Babylon’s boots eh George?

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