Shoe Shine Boy Ashley Cole appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court last week to defend his “good friend” John Terry in racism trial.

Footballer Ashley Cole now has the mainstream media and Chelsea FC supporters running to his defence after being called a “sell out” and a “choc ice” on various social networking websites.


Shoe Shine Cole appeared in court last week and defended his “good friend” and Chelsea team-mate John Terry during his racism trial. Terry had been accused of calling QPR player Anton Ferdinand a “f**king black c*nt” during a match in October 2011. He admitted to shouting the words but was cleared of racially abusing Ferdinand. (Click HERE to read all about it).

RIDICULOUS Chelsea FC supporters then tweeted the Metropolitan Police Twitter account calling for Anton’s brother Rio to be charged with racial abuse (????) after a Twitter user tweeted HIM saying the following:

CLICK HERE to read more….

What exactly is the Metropolitan Police going to do with this??? And what has Rio done wrong here?

Hahahahahahaha – Idiots!

Since this exchange an outraged Daily Mirror journalist wrote that calling Shoe Shine boy Cole a “sell out” is “unjustifiable” because he was reluctant to give evidence last week.

And according to The Daily Mail, Cole who is currently sunning himself in Los Angeles has apparently moved to calm the situation down. His lawyers said in a statement:

‘Ashley has been made aware of the discussion following comments appearing on Twitter and wishes to make it clear that he and Rio Ferdinand are good friends and Ashley has no intention of making any sort of complaint.

‘Ashley appreciates that tweeting is so quick it often results in off-hand and stray comments.’

Does Shoe Shine Cole seriously believe that the Ferdinands still think of him as a good friend???

Its going to be another “interesting” football season……

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  1. lol! the funny thing is I see all of them ( the Ferdinands and Cole) as Sell outs !!!

  2. I can understand Ashley Cole being called a sell out because of recent events but why is Rio or his brother being called sell outs too??? Is it because they’re dating white women?

  3. certain races are so desperate to say reverse racism but to call Rio racist is absurd. choc ice and bounty and coconut are not racist terms they are cultural slang for sell outs.

  4. *dwrcl* was wondering what the choc ice reference on twitter was about…people now have mouth to talk about this nonsense. GTFOH! This country does my head in. Ashley Cole et al have been sell outs from day one and yes because they ONLY date white women.

  5. But they are dating their mothers. Race wise. For Ashley to say that that was not racist is what made him a sell out. But he had no problem with Cheryl Cole, so this should not come as a big surprise. For all we know he could have been cracking same jokes with his ex wife Cheryl.

  6. Shoe Shine Cole? Janice, that is a classic that is going down in the history books engraved in stone, i love it. These black footballers need to stop handing over the greasy stuff and getting down on all fours, rather they need to start licking out shots and speak out plainly. You don’t have to subject your bottom to Babylon black footballers, its ok, you can speak out you do know this right?

  7. Just to clarify my comment, it wasn’t because they are dating/ marrying White women ( I don’t care at all, why would I ?) but more before that incident happened to one of the Ferdinands, they did not care about racism in football since they thought they were accepted as equal with Whites ( or pretend to). It’s not news that most Black/mixed men footballers don’t stand up for themselves ( except maybe Eto, Drogba yet they are married/engaged to Black women and are from Africa so that might explain why???).

    Also for the poster who said they are dating their mothers, please what about the others who have both Black parents??? Last time I checked they are plenty Mixed race women too.
    BUT The issue is not really about who they are dating

    But how high profile Black/ mixed (specially men) folks deal with racism.
    Why was the other Black/ mixed footballers so quite on the matter ( yet some did find the time to defend JT). You will think they would have done any kind of strikes or others to protest maybe having money and White women make them forget about everything.

    Our lack of unity is so shameful….

  8. If a mix raced person calls another mixed race person a cultural slang name it cannot ever be deemed as racist. especially if their race mixing is on the same level. It is as though the Daily Mail journalist and commentators need to check the dictionary for racism and re-educate themselves

  9. @Nubiahbella I couldn’t have put it better myself.

    I hate the Ferdinands and Cole because they are sell outs. Ferdinand only stands up when he’s brother gets called a racist name what about the other black players who were called racist names that I know for a fact Ferdinand knows about.

    Ferdinand likes to play this I’m from the ghetto I’m from Peckham I’m street why doesn’t he come down there with all his money and help the black youth, he wants to be down with, he’s got time to do a magazine nobody wants to read.

    White people do no respect these footballers I’ll tell you now because those footballers don’t resepct themselves and until they do this is always gonna happen and yes I also hate them because they don’t get with black or mixed raced women and if it’s that they’re only dating younger versions of their mums what the hell have black mothers done wrong to black men for them to be chasing white women?

  10. J, my Dad crashed when I said “Shoe Shine Cole” after Sky News were going on & on about Choc Ice tweet. Then I had to explain about Twitter…

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