This report from the Jamaica Gleaner has left me FUMING on this wet grey afternoon.

Britain’s leading black publication The Voice has been denied press accreditation in to the Olympic stadium during the 2012 games.

After applying for press accreditation the publication received the letter below from the British Olympic Association (BOA):

“After careful consideration by the Media Accreditation Committee, we regret to inform you that your application for accreditation for the London 2012 Olympic Games has been unsuccessful.

“Should we be in the fortunate position to receive additional accreditations from the International Olympic Committee as the Games near or if any granted accreditations are returned, we will reallocate them to applicants on our waiting list. You will automatically be put on this list,” .

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The constant wake up calls are slowly pushing me over the edge. To quote a friend, “the lack of respect intensifies by the day”.

The Voice newspaper (a prominent and highly respected publication) has been providing Britain’s African-Caribbean community with print news for 30 years and this is how they are being treated???

But then I shouldn’t even be surprised. This is just typical!

“After careful consideration by the Media Accreditation Committee, we regret to inform you that your application for accreditation for the London 2012 Olympic Games has been unsuccessful.”

I find it hard to believe that there was any “careful consideration”  given after they came across the press accreditation request form from The Voice team. ‘DENIED’ was probably stamped across it upon sight.

And as for this so-called “waiting list”, I would like to see who else is on this “list.”

Are the following publications also on this list:

The Daily Mail? The Daily Mirror? The Sun? The Guardian? The Independent, The Telegraph?  The Evening Standard?

Enquiring minds would like to know….

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  1. does BOA have a twitter or inquiry line,so that our voice is heard,the more people keep quiet the more this type of bull happens.

  2. That takes the biscuit tin. Ultimate piss take on every level. Every viable box is ticked, such blatant racism and disrespect.

  3. I’ve been saying this for years, that the more the so called white man sees some of our people bredding and trying fit in is the more that he is going to take the “biscuit tin”(as per The Real NV’s qoute) out of all of us.

    At the same time, this refusal may be to the Voice’s benefit, especially as it is circulating that this event might be used to stage a false flag terror attack in order to force through biometrics and other intrusive measures which erode privacy.

    Take a look at this article in which parts of the Rockrfeller Foundation Report from 2010 are included. The report talks about an attack as if it has already happened. I do not want to be near that stadium and I am not going to be near that stadium, especially for the “opening ceremony”.

    Queen Diamond Jubilee just finished and this huge event about to take place in London, it is all too suspect for my liking. I know that dead people keep turning up on royal property all of the time, it would seem fitting that a Diamond Jubilee sacrifice on a larger scale could possibly take place at this event:,000_Dead_at_London_2012_Olympics.html

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