John Terry and Anton Ferdinand during match in October 2011 where the incident took place.

Chelsea FC skipper and former England captain John Terry is at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today charged with racially abusing QPR (Queens Park Rangers) player Anton Ferdinand during a match in October 2011.  Terry is alleged to have called Ferdinand a “f**cking black c**t”.

The Court heard today that Terry shouted the words to Ferdinand after he allegedly accused him of sleeping with his team-mate’s girlfriend, referring back to the time when it was revealed that Terry “allegedly” had an affair with his former team mate’s ( Wayne Bridge) partner Vanessa Perroncel.

Prosecutor Duncan Penny told the Court,

‘The defendant, most probably in response to physical gestures being made by Mr Ferdinand in which the defendant understood to refer to the well-publicised allegation of an extra-marital affair with a team-mate’s wife, shouted at Mr Ferdinand.

‘The words he uttered included “f*** off”… a “f****** black c***” and” f***ing knob head”.’

Terry admitted to using the words but claims he believed that Ferdinand had been accusing him of racially abusing him and he was trying to deny it.

Five days after the incident Terry said in a statement to the Football Association that he and Ferdinand had been exchanging ‘verbals’ and he had made a gesture to imply Mr Ferdinand had bad breath.

He said:

‘We’re still having a, sort of, ding-dong, if you like. That’s when, as I said before, he said ‘black c***’.

‘Now clearly, as I said before, I don’t think he’s calling me a black c***, but at the same time I take quite a strong offence.’

Ashley Cole

After the match Terry asked a steward to get Ferdinand from the QPR dressing room. In his statement he said:

‘It’s myself, Anton and Ash (Ashley Cole), nobody else, and I said to Anton, “was you accusing me of calling you a black c***?”

‘That was my exact words to him, and he said “No, not at all”.’

he later added:

‘I’m being honest and open with you guys, that I didn’t mean it in the context that, if you watch the video and me, watching the video, you can quite easily say that doesn’t look good.

‘But at the same time, in the context of what I thought Anton accused me of, you know, no-one can argue what my feelings were at that time.’

If found guilty Terry will only be fined a measly £2,500

The trial continues….

Is John Terry really running with the defence  that ‘he thought Ferdinand was accusing him of saying “f**king black c**t” ??????

I can’t…. Rubbish just rubbish.

Why the hell was Ashley Cole summoned to also meet with Ferdinand after the game? And more importantly why did he agree to accompany that loser Terry, who from what I can tell just wanted to cover his tracks?

I don’t even have the energy to cuss Ashley right now. The man is just a lost and confused soul.

Anyway I am willing to bet that there will be a “not guilty” verdict in five days time. John is like a cat with nine lives who has the entire football world protecting his backside.

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  1. Ashley Cole. The fool who says he is not black , but Mixed Race, because “I didn’t grow up listening to reggae and soca”. Of course John Terry would call him to one side. Ashley is one of those mixed race people who are afraid to say that they feel white, whilst cussing other mixed race people for calling themselves black or “black of mixed heritage”.
    I’m not lying about Mr. Cole’s quote. I got it from the Observer a few years back. The article was about “black” athletes who are in fact “mixed race”. You could tell that the Observer was vex. Isn’t it funny how white people are claiming “mixed race” people all of a sudden, whilst not helping them when they do wrong and are “black” again, all of a sudden. I just hope that your average mixed race person in Britain can see what time it is. Can my partner who for all intents and purposes looks full black, is black, is very dark with typical west african features, but has a syrian grandfather claim mixed race status? Do you think Massa will allow it? (sarcasm)

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