It was widely reported on Monday that Ashley Cole wouldn’t be called to give evidence. But look what the cat dragged in to Westminster Magistrates’ court earlier today.

Cole appeared in court today to defend his team mate John Terry who is charged with allegedly calling QPR player Anton Ferdinand “a f**king black c**t” during a match in October 2011.

Upon taking the stand Cole told the court

‘I think we shouldn’t be sitting here.’

The Daily Mail reports

that on the day of the match at Loftus Road, he saw Ferdinand make a fist gesture to imply sex and could see him saying something about ‘Bridgey’ or ‘black’.

‘I can’t make out – him either saying Bridgey (Cole made the fist gesture) or black.’

He said he thought QPR centre-half Ferdinand-s taunts were ‘not necessary’ and did not shake his hand after the game.

Describing Terry as a ‘close friend’, Cole said he was faced with an inner ‘conflict’ because he is also friends with Ferdinand and his brother Rio.

‘JT is my team-mate and friend; Anton and Rio and his family, I’ve known for a long time,’ he said.

He said Terry would laugh off taunts on the football pitch.

‘He would probably laugh about it, it’s part and parcel of the game and you get used to it.’ When asked to describe Terry as a football captain, he said: ‘He’s one of the best, very inspirational.’

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John Terry and Anton Ferdinand during match in October 2011 where the incident took place.

Look at this spineless chief defending that nasty piece of work in a court of law. But then why would I expect better from Ashley Cole? The fool was married to the nation’s biggest fraud Cheryl Cole (now back to Tweedy) who “allegedly” racially abused a toilet attendant (apparently called her a Caribbean jiggaboo/black bitch) before punching her in the face back in 2003. Tweedy was later convicted of assault.

I can’t even look at Ashley’s dumb face right now without wanting to smash it to pieces. The sight of him just upsets my spirit today.

What a MUG!

For those of you who are behind on events regarding the ‘John Terry Race Trial click HERE and HERE.

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  1. All I can do is laugh and the situation isn’t even funny. JT’s camp: what can we do to get you off.. JT: I know get Ashley Cole he’s black but he wants to white like us I know he’ll back me up. I call hom nig nog all the time and he laughs with me. JT’s Camp: Good idea JT lets give him a call.

  2. I watched an interview they did with him during this past European cup. He was asked whether people or the media knew who he really was and he said no one knows who really is. People only know the person who is on the pitch playing football. I guess The ferdinands don’t really know you Ashley.

  3. Coconut boy Cole jumps to the rescue of the racist wanker Terry? Now I’ve seen the whole plot. Isn’t that like black people rallying and supporting the KKK, NF, EDL or the BNP?

  4. BUT THE THING IS… who would want to know you !!!… if thats your boy have a word and sort him out and tell him to sort his life out… and mediate….. between folks to get a result….. but just standing there saying you cant talk to JT LIKE THAT… YOU CANT TALK TO JT LIKE THAT.. pathetic….. ashley you see how the football association are3 dealing with the ferdinands and the only thing you can do is stand behind john terry….? … at least mediate.. and talk to your friend to stop that bullshit….

  5. Watch this video of Malcom X talking and at 1.40 they get a token black guy all these years ago and white people still doing the same and Ashley Cole is the mug to do it.

    I used to work in a black barbershop and one of the barbers used to go to Ashley Cole’s house (sorry mansion) to cut his hair because he didn’t like going into black barbershops and the barber used to tell me how he was a dickhead and didn’t even want to pay him. KMT

  6. But Ashley Cole is not Blackbut biracial lol!

    Personally since 95% of Black Footballers are cowards when it comes to racism, I couldn’t give a shit of what happened to them.

    Funny how they are doing anything to distance themselves from the Black in them,

    Yet White Folks still remind them they see them as lower class citizen

  7. According to that picture, he looks blacker than some non biracial blacks. He is not any less black than Wilfred Tsonga or Thierry Henry, or the Ferdinands. But we are looking at someone who once shared a bed with cheryl Cole and had no problem whatsoever, not even a single question or doubt. I doubt he identifies himself as black, but I also doubt he is seen as anything but black.

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