Lethal B’s new track Pow 2011 premiered on Tim Westwood’s show this evening. The “revamp” of the 2004 hit this time features Wiley, Kano, Ghettz, JME and Chipmunk.

In my opinion Pow 2004 was a lot better. Lethal should have left it alone. The 2011 version is just unnecessary.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. Thought the line up wud have been better.. 2004 was heavy enough still… Get over the fact u had your day! Jme was cool. Kano? Stick to bein you, your lil wayne immitation stinks you fell off after 140 grime.

  2. ^^ i agree about Kano, after 140 grime street he went missing mate,… I think this attempt was extremely lazy, prime example of cutting corners, looking at the lineup this could of been one the best grime tracks ever, or at least for a long time! P Money, Wiley, Ghetto, Kano them 4 alone should have been enough, but bar Wiley’s Verse which was solid imo, the rest where poor, even P & Ghettz who are usually on point, anyway, wasted opportunity in my eyes… Lethel needs to ‘llow the sniffing, and focus, he seems to be slightly off the ball.

  3. I loved it! I think everyone did well. There were a few folks missing on this that could’ve been on it!

    If this track was made to try to stop xfactor from taking the christmas no.1 it would’ve been a good idea but I don’t think it was made for that purpose or even will get that kind of support

  4. Lethal B “errrr my careers not really going anywhere what can I do….I know I’ll release a rehashed, I mean ‘new’ version of my only mildly successful song to date”

    I’m already looking forward to POW 2016, POW 2020,etc,etc.

  5. What the hell are they on about?! Geez, at least the original had some weird ass appeal. It even got my club hating ass on the dancefloor*. Err…how is it 2011?!
    *more like a fire hazard, those days before the smoking ban…damn smokers.

    @J, apparently he did.

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