The “greatest female rapper alive” (that’s what they want us to believe right?) appeared on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday and performed her new single Right Thru Me.

What a load of rubbish! And look at Wendy sitting in the audience pretending to know the words. 

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Embarrassing.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, Nicki is probably a really nice woman but her music is appalling!

All the artists and industry folk who constantly harp on about how good she is are lying to themselves, to Nicki and to the public.

This comment posted by Bee Gee over at Rhymes With Snitch  also sums up my feelings on Nicki and her music.

Real hip hop doesn’t exist on the mainstream anymore. As an overall product, Hip Hop is a f**kin joke and has been rendered near-useless by an industry of people that have no idea how to make good music. It’s tainted because the mainstream Hip Hop audience is also a f**kin joke, and will accept anything these major labels push as Hip Hop.

For the buzz this “pink muddaf**ka” gets, the s**t she puts out is embarrassing. The only thing more embarrassing and sad about it, is the people that listen to it and swear she has talent and is a dope mc. But you can apply this same analysis to a whole lotta other artists. No rap skills whatsoever, but it doesn’t matter because they’re more concerned with pushing an image to a mainstream audience that have no idea what good rap music is from the gate. In any musical genre, the new retains a connection to the old. With Hip Hop, it seems that said connection has almost been completely severed.

Quote of the day!

*For those who are interested Nicki’s debut album Pink Friday “leaked” on the Internet yesterday.*

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  1. One word Gimmick!

    Ever notice the constant repeating/stuttering of the same words in all of her verses? No creativity to pick other words out of the friggin air to fill a verse into something constructive. It’s a very common, annoying and noticeable trait of her ‘style’ and I say ‘style’ loosely.

    Can’t wait for her to fall off!

  2. it had to leak who the hell is paying $$ for that album?? *rolls eyes*

    i can’t do it! i got into a heated discussion about this chic on twitter the other day he was yo nicki’s album is sooo good! i was like wtf are you talking about? fuggetaboutit i told him i was going to re-evaluate our twittership based on this comments about this album!!!

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