I previously reported that rapper Speech Debelle suffered humiliation after attempting to rap through Take That’s 1993 track Pray.

Now check out the video footage…

[Thanks Alison]


That was embarrassing to watch! Terrible…. just terrible……….. Especially after the performance. ‘I don’t do that Take S**t’.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Speech and her hype woman were both drunk. So unprofessional. She has a lot to learn.

I’ve been informed that Speech is desperate to tell her side of the story and will post a video soon.

Don’t bother luv!

UPDATE: Check out Speech’s explanation below…. 

[Thanks Shach]

She has got A LOT to learn…

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  1. This is the much loved take that she is taking the piss out of. She’s off her head and needs to shake the ghetto out of her or leave it at home on her way out to work. Take a break and reflect.

  2. SHAKE THE GHETTO out of her……..?
    i disagree!!! her ghetto ness was not the issue
    she made some bad choices!! one to try and rap over a legendary pop groups tune ( at their tribute show)
    and being drunk and getting on stage!!!
    and maybe underestimating the occasion a little!!

    she was drunk and unprofessional . NOT ghetto!!

  3. she knew who take that was… but she was drunk and ruffled i am not excusing her behaviour… it was shabby!!!
    but the cussing part was partly frustration at being boooed and being drunk…..
    most people get extra rowdy when drunk ..lati!!!
    thats what i’m saying !!

  4. It doesn’t take much for new the nu breed of get somewhere fast artists to be exposed for little more than over confident attention seeking twats…
    Sorry, I have kept silent on the whole Speech Debelle hype but this is a very poooooor standard of MC/artist. You need to be the complete package for this kind of accolode…..
    This could easily be a Lady Sovereign slip up and all the black folk here would be screaming at their pc screens. boooo! But oh..she’s black so we will protect and accept lesser standards for that melanin factor..cha!

  5. real Talk – I got vex today when I opened the paper and read how , James Cordan dissed her, I thought how rude, why do people always miss understand us and disrespect us folk, WELL!… perhaps she deserved it, I haven’t seen the video yet, I had hoped she would do well, but seems like her IMAGE has been tainted good and proper, time will tell though.

  6. @ FR she defo deserved to be dissed by Corden, watch the video.

    How and why was she there dissin Take That, calling them Take Shit, in front of their fans. Drunk and acting the fool too. People make mistakes and she made a big one…that sh*t will follow her around for a long time.

    Okay so she just needs to behave now !!!

  7. tisk tisk
    i don’t see ghetto as a behavior HOWEVER no “brought-upcy” comes to mind.

    Moving along…

  8. Why was she drinking drunk when she well knew she was going to perform? Is it wise to do that? Just goes to show how much she thought of the occasion in the first place.

  9. There is a negative behaviour associated to ghetto and we black people know it. My issue with this is that she thought she was better than or too good. Surely with what is going on, an attempt to humbleness would not hurt. Do not blame it on the booze, it makes it worse and shows a total lack of responsibility and respect. She was too arrogant with that comment of take shit, when it was all for her benefit to start with. It is these kind of incidents that breed stereotypes for hiphop.

  10. Wow, the drink is not to blame, she is. As for the ghetto, look at it this way, an expressive word that could be replaced with village. You can only behave a certain way and get away with it in CERTAIN PLACES. It’s called ADOPTING without losing self. Let this be a hard learned lesson to her and many.

  11. not defending cos i’m actually disgusted with this particular event!!!
    but in her apology she explains how she came to say take shit… which she says was more aimed at james corden calling her shit than take that!!!!
    a little drink a little slurry and voila!!!.. big mistakes happen!!

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