Day: November 4, 2009


  [Thanks Agnes] The doll is called ‘Cuddle with Me” manufactured by BrassKey Keepsakes. It’s the headband that is causing the controversy. It reads “Lil’ Monkey.” The doll is also surrounded by stuffed monkeys. The white doll counterpart on store shelves is surrounded by pandas, with a hat that reads ‘Pretty Panda.’ Click here to read more… The world really does hate us! SMH LOL!  When will it end???


Via BBC News About 300 protesters held a candlelit protest outside a Glasgow theatre over the staging of a play which portrays Jesus as a transsexual. The protest was held outside the Tron Theatre, where Jesus Queen of Heaven, in which Christ is a man who wants to become a woman, is being staged. It is part of the Glasgay! arts festival, a celebration of Scotland’s gay, bi-sexual and transsexual culture. Festival organisers said it had not intended to incite or offend []


I just watched the trailer for the up and coming film ‘Street Dance (3D)’ and it looks like it’s trying to be the UK’s answer to US dance films made over the past 5/6 years e.g. ‘Step Up’. Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity team up with dance group rivals Flawless and 2008 Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson. It looks like another cheesy dance movie with a weak storyline, but well done to Flawless and Diversity for getting this gig. Film release []