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The Duchess of Cornwall yesterday spoke for the first time about the way youngsters are sexualized by explicit rap videos.

Camilla was taking part in a discussion with victims of sexual violence during a visit to a rape crisis centre when the topic turned to how music videos affect teenagers today.

She told an audience of women that children thought they could get away with things because teachers failed to punish them.

Referring to the images children are exposed to, the Duchess said: ‘A lot of those videos are terrifying.

‘I am sure they trigger a response in some of the young people. I can never understand how they can get away with making those things.’

The Duchess has until now avoided speaking in public on social issues. Continue Reading….

First off, all those who help to run the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre in Croydon – keep up the good work!

Now check out the Mail’s grossly inaccurate headline…

“Camilla condemns Beyoncé’s ‘terrifying’ gangster rap videos for glorifying sex and violence”

Erm…. when has Beyonce ever made a gangster rap video??? When did she become a rapper??? 

The journalist responsible for that headline (Rebecca English) is an IDIOT.  A born IDIOT!

Anyway I had no idea Camilla spent her spare time watching music videos on MTV Base, BET and Channel AKA.

You learn something new every day….

Your thoughts please….

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  1. I really hate when Journo’s do that, if she didn’t know, it’s hard to find out what a rapper is and that Beyonce is not one, but then does it really matter to must readers of the mail?…. in all honesty, I actually think Beyonce’s video is disgusting, I watched like 25-30 seconds of it and was like nahhh, leave it out!… anyway, I’m not really a fan of Camilla, as one commenter wrote on that page, “Who is she to give moral lectures??”… but, I do think she can build a positive image for herself if she dives in a and really has a positive impact in the area of support for Rape victims and victims of sexual abuse / violence, if she does, I just hope it’s Genuine!

  2. Has she made it to egypt yet? I heard they wanted to ban her concert for indecency and for being a devil worshipper and being the set up to destruct folks from the political issues going on, and also for her extortionate price tickets considering there are many poor people in egypt. Bad news travels fast.

    I never hear about Camilla, she got abit of backlash when she married into royal family and all. Who knows who she really is? If she is genuine, go for it.

    The person who wrote that headline knows for a fact that EMINEM is a rapper and not a singer. I would bet on that.

  3. First off, that Daily Mail headline…well there just aren’t enough words to accurately sum up the intense stupidity of that, so I’ll leave it alone I guess.

    Secondly, and I can’t believe I’m about to say this, I actually agree with Camilla on this one.

    Our society has become grossly hyper-sexualised. Sure we can argue the point til the day is long about whether or not the media has an affect on the actions of young people. But at this point, I think it’s hard to deny that the frequency and intensity of sexual imagery is affecting our youth. Girls especially feel compelled to do things earlier. And because porn is becoming so mainstream (and more and more hardcore), the envelope keeps being pushed. Men (certain men, not all) will never be happy with women because we’re not all going to live up to the sexual fantasies they’ve been playing out for years with their porn collection. And that leads to….well, you see where I’m going with it.

    I dismay that Beyonce, in particular, gets away with half the shit she does and is disturbingly deemed a role model by many. What kind of message does she send? That she can act like a whore, but because she does it under the guise of her alter ego, Sacha Fierce, it’s OK? And the rest of the time we’re supposed to believe that she’s a bible bashing goodie two shoes christian? Bitch please! I can’t even tell you how disturbing I find it that a grown ass woman has to justify her sexuality through an alter ego, but that’s a whole other topic.

    Err, end of rant!

  4. I seem to be one of only few. I absolutely love Beyonce’s video for video phone – it fits the song perfectly. she has more clothes on in that video compared to Lady Gaga video bad romance where her clothes always seemed to get ripped off – why dont they psycho analyse that!

    Plus people need to ask themselves who is raising your kids. If it is the celebrities then what is your purpose in their life. Parents allowing their daughters to wear bikinis is a sexualisation of youth. why is there baby bikinis and now baby high heels. people accept those but do not realise who benefits from such.

    Beyonce’s clothes and song topic have grown with her age. many of her fans listeners have grown to.

    Go on blame the celebrity for raising your child for you. My co – worker was disgusted at what her daughter put on. told her she looked cheap and awful and her daughter changed her attire.

    but yeah

  5. I response to the parenting issue: My mum once called me a tart when I was 13 because I wore my fringe in new way…. It really affected me in that I felt my mum disapproved of me, didn’t understand me and was unsupportive. So parents, please be kinder and more understanding of when your children start experimenting with their image. Don’t make it into an ‘issue’ or you will do more damage than good.

  6. @ Bangs and a Bun…. – good point and very well put!… I co-sign, the theme for today seems to be sexy, sexy, sexy, and that don’t work, dress more sexy! madness.

  7. My problem with Beyonce is that she does not own up to her decisions. For how long is she going to hide behind sasha fierce? I understand she is an entertainment product/puppet, who desperately is working at being an icon by all means. Her quality of music seems to be getting worse as time goes on. The voice, dances and looks is what keeps her going now. IMO

  8. @SoFrulushes
    I think you’re right, all this over sexualisation on mainstream media doesn’t have an affect on women young and old. So when I read that a quarter of girls aged 15 to 19 thought being a lap dancer would be a good profession and that just three per cent of the 1,000 questioned picked teaching recently in a survey accomplished by an entertainment company in UK, it Should be put to simply bad parenting.
    As we know, when you’re a parent you have all the time in the world to entertain, educate and inform your children whilst working to look after them and not allowing them to indulge in anything that gives you a break like TV, radio, computers or even their friends who emulate what they have seen in the medias that their wicked parents have allowed them to view.

    I also don’t think that grown black women who should know better are not influenced by the Beyonceisms. As an example, last week I was out in a club full of 25 plus people and a dark skinned black woman with illustrious glossy long weave, long acrylic nails and her body stuffed into a one size too small outift remarked that whilst she preferred my natural look (my haird is relaxed, go figure) HER kids would not allow her to look like that because quote: “BLACK KIDS don’t like ppl to look like this but rather to look like Beyonce.”

    Nah, parents and consumers should take responsibility for the shite that is thrown down their gullets daily….somehow, I don’t think so.

  9. the thing about the journalist doing that is ITS NO COINCIDENCE PEOPLE!!!!
    ITS NOT A MISTAKE!! its being done on purpose!!!.. mark my words…. i wont say anymore cos i know certain folks hate me!! chatting at alll!!!

  10. oh and bangs i really like what you said.. reclaim… you know how i feel about your viewpoints….

  11. I see school kids attending school with full facial make up in high high heels and i just smh and wonder how they left the house (maybe put them in school bags ‘shrugs’) and how they got thru the school gates to classes. But kids have rights as they would like to say all the time. As 4 the hair weave ons, atleast simple braids and conrows but long haired weave ons for school? Abit much but its like a fashion show and competition. What happened to simplicity and being just a child not woman child?

  12. I am not a fan of madame beyonce at all, but glorification of sex can be found in soaps, incest glorified in soaps, as for gangster glorification, obviously am the only one in britain who watches eastenders and coronation street. There possibly can’t be any gangster activities going on. No? Save some of the backlash for them, they deserve it too and are home. Camilla might want to clean out her backyard first.

  13. Lol, school work? I swear the other day a work colleague was complaining of too much homework for her grandchild. That she does not get enough time for herself, can u imagine that? I just gave up and thought, bloody hell.

  14. It depends on which school. I don’t even know whether teachers have any control over children and what they do. Parents complain alot and want an easy life for the children. The children can be sneaky and manipulative. I would definately recommend more homework and more school work. The parents can change things if they wanted to. Some parents can be very difficult at times and encourage bad behaviour and hostility towards teachers.

  15. The Daily Mail is for one of the most despicable newspapers out there. I can guarantee whatever subject they tackle…your gonna come out angry. Don’t read.

  16. Beyonce’s videos are dodgy. One minute she is appealing to adults, but her target audience are younger. We all love music and have grown up listening to music, unfortunately for this younger generation, they are getting music that is meaingless and just builds on hype and looks. They might not get it at home, but they will get it at school somehow. But so many of us have grown up with something that was prohibited in our households, and it does not matter how we encountere it, as long as it we never brought it home. That alone raised awareness straight from home on what was acceptable and what was not. The most important thing is to have the mental strength to fight it because they will always exist.

    The school culture clashes with the home culture and it is at schools that you meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds. The influence in schools is undeniable because there is not a standard dress code or wahtever. Image plays an important role in people’s esteem, but it depends on what image people are aiming at. The society as a whole has a role in this situation Camilla is raising, but the family always has to give the strong foundation.

    SIDE BAR> @ TY name and shame those who do not want you to chat. That caught my eye.

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