They cannot be serious……

Spotted @ C&D


“with such a unique gift idea & the great service you’ve shown, you can be sure I will be promoting the chocolate anus the world over!”
Ana Matronic – Scissor Sisters

‘They’re fab – I want to get my hands on some more!’
Graham Norton – TV Presenter

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There are no words……


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  1. This is soo wrong, especially since I’m currently munching on Snickers. Anyhoo, it’s only chocolate, it could be shaped as a phallic god of the summer solstice bumming Poseidon, with Zeus watching, I’ll still eat it.

  2. first what the heck, KMT… and second LOOOOL @ Verbs and Rowetta thier back and forth commenting, and TY’s full stop, LOL!

  3. I was dealing with both Norton and his comment, in which I never brought in heterosexuals as a topic, so you bringing them into the equation, you are on your own branchline. Are you so desperate to redeem yourself from that battering you received in that metrosexual blog that you are just willing to just bring in anything to attempt to get some sort of ball rolling?

    You lost, actually you punked yourself out by stepping into territory unknown, you were quizzed fair and square on certain issues you raised, given the opportunity to back your statements and you couldn’t bring one shred of evidence to the table, yet you still couldn’t eat humble pie and back down, you had to put your weight behind others who were coming against the information I was bringing to the table to distract folks from investigating your previous and humiliating defeat, that is why I had to pull and log the date and times for all to see.

    In typical fashion here you are again throwing out red herrings and strawmen branchlines. Will you not learn from your mistakes of the past?

  4. Mmm….How come you had no issues with Ana Matronic’s comments. Remember, we can always scroll up. Just say wanted to write your dissertation on chocolate anus & its connection to Sodom & Gomorrah. Don’t forget Edom, Rome, Greece, Atlantis and all those other unclean Gentiles.
    Whoever said that you were [more or less] a Pharisee, was spot on. Since, you know your verses, I don’t need to explain. Now, commence long-winded reply, to justify how wrong and sheepish I am.

  5. and why Milk Chocolate while were asking Reclaimin’… whats wrong with good good old white choc lol!

  6. Fr, apparently they believe the anus range can dissolve cultural boundaries of race, gender, and sexual orientation. I wanna know how. lol

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