If you’re not familiar with this story then click here to read all about the shambles that was the Miss Black Britain beauty pageant, and please take time to read the comments left by contestants, sponsors and members of the public.

American actress Nia Long was also present at the event (she was supposed to be hosting it) but walked out in disgust an hour later.


A reader has now kindly forwarded on the email that he received from the organisers, which attempts to explain Saturday’s shenanigans.

[Thanks Frank].    

Hello All,

Saturday evening was a very stressful evening for all members of the Miss BB Team.

Having no access to the venue for everyone due to the Lords mayors show impacted the entire event. The artist were  unable to get in to complete their sound checks on schedule this applies to the dancers, the sound engineers, the makeup , hair team, support staff, the live band , the hosts for rehearsals in the day the list goes on etc ,  CARS WERE UNABLE TO ACCESS THE BUILDING . With this in mind food and drinks for you guys could not be delivered and other crucial things that we needed to be delivered. We could not have changed this and had to deal with this the best possible way we could. This had huge implications on our months of endless planning and efforts.

Due to the ‘playing catch up’ we did not get to give you girls the rehearsal time that we would usually allocated.

All have you have attended the heats and the castings for Miss Black Britain and there is no doubt that our standards are a fully professional, these were very unfortunate circumstances for us.

We apologies for the lack of preparation time but this was out of our hands due to issues explained above.

We wish you all the best of luck for the future.

Thank you participating in the competition

Miss BB Team


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  1. What a stupid way to apologise…..

    They have more to say for themselves than this cheap piece of rubbish x

  2. No excuse, they should of had a plan b and c. Plus they knew of the Lord Mayors show from before surely????

  3. What a crap reply.
    The whole event in general is a mess in my opinion with or without any complications.

  4. Was this the actual letter she wrote? I hope not; because not only does she lack event planning and management skills, she does not seem to be able to craft a simple letter. I am not convinced about her excuses as these problems ie the models being mucked about have happened before. I think her letter was written as a result to the backlash she has received. The shambolic events of the previous Miss Black Britain have taken place under a smaller camera and now with the wonders of user generated content such as twitter and Facebook, everyone now has a voice. If the organiser has any sense of decency she will put her money where her mouth is and financially compensate all of the ladies who took part in the competition.

  5. “All have you have attended the heats…”

    “We apologies for the lack of preparation time…”

    Wow, she could not even read over the letterbefore sending it!

  6. SMFH!!! What kinda explanation is that?? lol
    I shouldn’t laugh really.
    I nearly dropped when I heard there were 50 girls in the finals (most of whom paid £200 each).
    I’m in the wrong business. Apparently exploiting young black girls can be quite lucrative smfh (again)

  7. Shameless, Barefaced and full of **** that’s all I can say about these people.
    What kind of Apology is that? It Certainly wasn’t meant for the guests or promoters, but was definitely an insult to our intelligence.
    I am embarrassed that I have been conned, and that I was gullible enough to be taken for a ride by these “BANDITS”
    I have had my say, and I know that is all I will get out of this distasteful episode.
    It was an expensive lesson, but a lesson anyway. When in doubt “CHECK OUT” Many of us were laughed at, or warned that this would happen, but we blindly believed that we could trust this organisation, I am sure, we all believed that we were doing our bit ,for our people and for charity. We thought we were in for a fantastic night. (Why not! That is what we were told wasn’t it).
    Well THANKS TO YOU MISS BLACK BRITAIN” There are a lot of respectable and trustworthy black organisations and promoters out there,who are going to be tarred with your dirty brush!

  8. hi i was very disappointed with the organisation ,a lot of lessons can and should be learnt . it does not make sence critisising what should have happened all the people/ contestants who has made comment should offer advice,AND MOST INPORTANTLY MISS BB SHOULD LISTEN and grow the company this way. one good thing what i was told by my daughter who competed in the finals was that the make up aritsts were punctual and very professional and went beyond duties, well done Eryrca and the team!( REMEMBER MISS BB ITS THE PUBLIC WHO PAY WAGES)

  9. This is the most pathetic apology I have heard from Aneka, who isby the way is portraying herself as the ‘BB team’, when she knows all the blame is entirely with her. She did the same thing in the audition stages, where the girls were made to pay 10 pounds each just to audition and were kept waiting in bar from 12 pm till 8pm in the evening, as the organisers were late and so unorganised. So 10 pounds multiplied by 400 girls who made it to that stage is already 4000 pounds. All this is a 419 just a money making scheme to take money off vunerable black peole. If you think u pay 95 pounds to see beyonce in concert with front row tickets, not to watch miss black britian. The prices for the show were so high and overprices its unbelievable. They need to use all the money they conned off the public and the contestants to fire Aneka Johnson and put proper event organisers in place to run this event. Miss black britain is a shambles and its a shame beacuse with the right organisation this could have really worked at promoting black girls in britian. But like always some people just live to the negative sterortype that is already given to black people. She robbed us blind and even nia long and bashy were not impressed, that they had to walk out of the show as they didnt want to be associated. Its very sad and i fear now that Miss Black Britain is finished for good.

  10. most of this apology letter has serious grammatical errors… how is this professional conduct if even your letter is crap. If there were technical problems of unforseen problems, you should have changed your time management skills to earlier with your sound checks etc….

  11. WHAT a pile of crap im feel so ashamed to admit I even attended this dumb event ANEKA Please do us all a favour and quit , your clearly not cut out to EVEN manage such a crap event , let alone a proper one .

  12. After reading all the cooments regarding this year’s show, unfortunately I have to say I AM NOT SURPRISED. I took part in the very first ever Miss Black Britain in 2006 and it was badly organised then, fortunately it was not as bad as this year’s but it has only seem to have gotten worse. 😦

    When I took part, most of us girls were not happy. The lack of organisation I put down to inexperience and the fact that it was the first one. Even that day we were at the venue for hours, Aneka was nowehere to be seen. We didn’t have ample time to rehearse but had ‘one walk’ on the stage before we were kicked off by Aneka when she finally did arrive so that a dance group (featuring none other than her sister) could rehearse on the stage.

    The next year my friend took part and when I heard how badly organised that was, how the winner was fixed (due to her being told by the previous year’s winner way before any announcement had been made by the host). I instantly knew then that my year was in fact not a glitch and working in the industry I knew exactly what was going on. As the years have gone on the feedback and the event itself only seems to have gotten worse….this is saying something, stay away from this competition in future!!

    I am really sorry for all the girls that applied this year as also I see she had introduced sponsorship to the tune of £200. My friend told me she was entering this year and I strongly advised her against it the day she was due to attend the casting and it was the best decision she ever made. Not only did she save her well earned money I was able to give her inside information and she avoided this shambles. I also suggest anybody wishing to participate in any competitions talk to models/past contestants as not all of them are the same and those that you do need to watch out for or avoid, you can.

    Thus for those wishing to enter competitions that are the complete opposite of this debarcle I suggest more than anything you research what you are entering and consider those such as Miss London (which will also get you to Miss England final if you win, http://www.misslondon.co.uk), Top Model Of Colour(www.topmodelofcolour.com)….funny enough I can not think of any other competition asides from Top Model Of Colour that caters to ethnic minorities only, that is impecably run and 100% genuine, that truly is a sad case in itself.

    Good luck everybody. x

  13. I find it quite an abomination that we as a ppl take our time to respond to negative ideas in the press about ourselves, yet would not take such time to express to such as the government our deeper concerns on our current financial standing as Black Britons, who are among the worst affected within this current financial crisis.

    As a contestant within the competition, I witnessed first hand, the hard work that went in from all involved.. The fee of £200 was payable from the sponsors. who were businesses – and not the ladies themselves.
    Often in the case where sponsors could not be found the pageant organisers found them for the ladies and if this failed – payment was not required – at least from the person I spoke to..

    Yes, the event lacked organisation but it was a major achievement to have the turnout that we did – and unfortunately so, it was not to be a success.. I am sincerely upset by this, but more the fact that ppl would put this event down as opposed to making positive contributions to ensure this does not happen in future.

    Personally, I put in tireless efforts to make an impact within the show, which resulted in 3rd place, of which I am most satisfied with. Unfortunately, not every of the 4000 girls who made the application could result in the top end…

    I am sure that with me having the only positive response on this page, there will be cries of disbelief, but this is all i have to say on the matter and hope that we can continue from this…

    God bless us all xxx

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