In December 2005 rapper Foxy Brown held a press conference and announced to the universe that she was suffering from severe hearing loss.

Foxy gave a highly emotional speech flanked by Russell Simmons, his former wife Kimora Lee, Doug E Fresh and some other random people.

I’m guessing that Russell was the one who helped to orchestrate this entire production, because old ‘fact finder’ just LOVES to create ‘hype’ and ‘exitement’ by holding pointless press conferences.  

I mean for a start who calls a press conference and then announces that they are suffering from a serious/life changing illness? Folks in the public eye generally issue official statements through their publicists if it involves news of this nature.  

And it’s not like it was the late great Michael Jackson, Prince or Madonna up on the podium announcing this troubling news. It was Foxy Brown (did we really need a press conference? ) who at that point in time was residing in the Hip Hop wilderness and struggling to complete her then comeback album Black Roses. 

Any way I watched the footage below again today and it was just soooooo over the top and to be brutally honest still smells like it was a publicity stunt.

I still believe she faked that whole hearing loss episode.

For those who don’t know Foxy’s hearing has since “returned”

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm…………

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  1. actually she is deaf in one ear, when i hung out with her in the studio a few months ago you literally have to be looking at her or on her other ear for her to hear you…. :/ oh and she holds russell simons as a major figure in her life and goes to him for advice to this day…. i don’t know what happen to that single she was working on because the guy that i knew, who introduced us stopped working with her…

  2. I believe my son caugth the same viral infection, that foxy brown did. He had viral menigitis, and lost his hearing as well. Ironically it was a month before Foxy lost her hearing (november 2005). My son was 14 months at the time, and we had just evacuated from new orlean (katrina). He has a cochlear implant in both ears now, and is hearing and talking just like a 5 year old should. I know what foxy went through, and exactly how scared and devastated she must have been. I just want everyone to know that she’s an inspiration to me, and will be to my son as well. when he gets older I will use her as an example, on how to keep strong and keep going after what you want, regardless of the situation. I just want to thank her for letting go and letting god use her. may she stay blessed..

  3. I believe she actually did suffer from hearing lost. Just because she got her hearing back doesnt mean, she was faking. The regaining of her hearing was a gift from God. Foxy kept the faith in her time of struggle and God blessed her.

  4. Foxy was actually deaf. Prayed for Her. Thank God she is cool any body can say anything is ok but like she said in 730- was sick but didnt Y out. Love u brown.

  5. Come back strong and show all these people who have nothing better to do than GOSSIP!!!!!!

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