It was announced late last week that singer Javine Hylton and So Solid Crew star MC Harvey had now split up because of Harvey’s alleged cheating ways.

Hylton later spoke to Closer Magazine and confirmed the split.

She said,

“Its true that I have left Harvey and the family home because I believe he was cheating on me. I suspect that this is not the first and now. I just want to move on with my life and care for my baby Angel. I am utterly devestated”.

According to insiders Javine came to the conclusion that Harvey had cheated after seeing incriminating messages to him from a girl on Facebook. A source said ‘Javine had a gut feeling that Harvey had met someone after he got back from Ibiza. She put two and two together after noticing a couple of Facebook messages’,

The singer first met Harvey when they starred together in West End musical Daddy Cool in 2006, when he was still married to singer/Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon.

Alesha left Harvey when she discovered he was having an affair with Javine.

A friend said Javine’s convinced Harvey’s been seeing more than one girl behind her back and she’s absolutely devestated. She just doesn’t know what to do now and feels so sorry for their child.

“She’s been thinking about Alesha over the past few weeks and she’d love to talk things through with her. But Javine knows Alesha is likely to say ‘I told you so’.

Javine he cheated on his wife with you! What did you expect???? Did you think that you were special enough to change his wondering ways?

You should of seen this coming a mile off luv!

“She’s been thinking about Alesha over the past few weeks and she’d love to talk things through with her. But Javine knows Alesha is likely to say ‘I told you so’.

I doubt that Alesha wants to see your face much less hear your voice Javine. She’s moved on with her life and I suggest you do the same.

Wow… I blame Facebook. If it wasnt for the popular social networking site then Javine and Harvey would probably still be together now.

It really does destroy lives and families.

Damn you Facebook!!!

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  1. Yep face book is the devil if your doing something you ain’t supposed to be ..

    “I am utterly devestated”………yeah i bet Alesha was too. Javine is nuts !!
    Best she just keep quiet than embarrass herself making silly statements.

  2. Why does she want to speak to Alesha – is she stupid?!! Is she forgetting that SHE stepped on Alesha’s toes by having an affair with that fake rapper in the first place. Harvey and Javine deserve one another.

    What goes around ….

    Bloody idiot!

  3. Javine,u got exactly what u deserve and ur the one with his child so you hav a permanant reminder of what a rubbish friend you are and what a fool you have been. Alesha,be sure dont crack a rib laughing! Keep going with that fab career babe!

  4. hahahahahahhahaha shame …. is all i can say …. what goes around come around … javine i actually feel sorry 4 u coz u actually seemed suprised that he cheated on u…. why the hell would u even trust this cheating liein waste man?? not only that but look at who u had to compete with?? alesha … that a hell of a competition … i wouldnt even go there if i was you … he didnt even marry u !! sooooo mant signs but yet u stayed ….. i can honsetly say ur the dumbass

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