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England’s Wags yesterday demanded the immediate lifting of their ban from next year’s World Cup – claiming they are vital to success on the pitch.

Coach Fabio Capello has said Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham, Alex Curran and the other wives and girlfriends can only see their men one day a week in South Africa.

But the Wags claim the team is likely to struggle without them and say many of the players feel the same.

TV presenter Lizzie Cundy, married to ex-Tottenham player Jason Cundy and friend of the Wags, said: “Five weeks is a long time for the team to be away from the family environment and a few of the players believe it is a mistake.

“I know a lot of the players are very disappointed their families cannot spend much time with them.

“People don’t realise the girls are very supportive of their partners and play a big role in their success.”

The Wags were criticised for their non-stop partying and shopping during the 2006 campaign in Germany. Continue Reading……

Do these worthless freeloading women (excluding Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole, Coleen Rooney because they have careers and make their own money) really believe that the England team will struggle during the tournament without them????

They cannot be serious! They must be smoking crack!

The England team made up of supposedly world class players – “the creme de la creme”, alway struggle everytime the World Cup comes around. They almost lose to less experienced teams (e.g. Trinidad in 2006) and then eventually crash out of the tournament absolute laughing stocks!

If anything these women are nothing but media whoring distractions (For those who follow football remember World Cup 2006 in Germany???).

The last time this country won the World Cup was in 1966. When you think about the MILLIONS of pounds that this country invests in to football each year, and we still have not tasted another World Cup victory since then, it’s just damn right SHAMEFUL!!!

These players who earn £80,000 a week seriously need to fix up!

Instead of team members spending their “days off” during the tournament with partners, children, mothers, fathers, grandparents and pets, their time should be spent training, studying the competition and talking tactics. 

In 2010 the focus for the entire team should be on giving 110% and WINNING, not on spending time with wives/girlfriends during “days off”, who are only interested in the media attention and a free trip to South Africa.  

The ban should not be lifted!

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  1. hear hear, what do wags for the other teams do during the world cup? i dont remember seeing them shop and party all over germany in 06.

  2. They blame the referee, the weather, their opponets, the slippery grass, the manager(especially the manager like he has a migic wand or something), everything else but their skills. I never get them. And the display of arrogance on the pitch sometimes by some players never ceases to amaze me although not surprising.

    As for the wags, their presence contributes nothing. 2006 was a complete carry on.

  3. I’m willing to bet that the ones wanting the ban lifted are the freeloading, jobless wags who have nothing better to do. Victoria and Cheryl have jobs so I doubt they’re complaining like the rest of them

  4. @Lati

    They always blame the manager when they crash out. The manager can only do so much. What happens on the pitch is up to them.


    Yep! Its the freeloading, jobless, part-time low rent “glamour models” who want the ban lifed.

  5. “Instead of team members spending their ”days off” during the tournament with partners, children, mothers, fathers, grandparents and pets, their time should be spent training, studying the competition and talking tactics”

    Gwan Janice, u hit the nail on the head, FOCUS is what they need, there is plenty time to be “Together” and celebrate (if they win) once they get back home, them wags are too damn media hungruy, … I think some (Victoria & Cheryl LOL) might be more worried about what they will be doing once their are out of sight of them, plenty women will be looking to free it up in and around the world madness (most for a high end fee, but none the less, lol)

    Bored HAahahahahah, thats joke!… In the words of Robin harris (from houseparty) STAY YO ASS AT HOME! *door slams shut* lol

  6. Janice true. Lol, i don’t get them at all. They always have an excuse. Lets face it, the brazilian reserves are much better players than their first team. Lol

  7. LMAO so serious that they banned it!!! whoo whoooooo the women just don’t want their men with groupies!! since they are not there they won’t be able deter them!!!

  8. Last World cup was so cringey. The WAGS were there playing at supportive wives when you could clearly see it was just another way of getting themselves in front of the camera! Well, loveys, it isn’t actually about you!! It’s about football!! It is not war but almost. You don’t take your wives to war. If a guy is disloyal during that time then that is a separate issue. England having the best chance to win is what matters now! And I felt like I never wanted to watch another world cup after last time! The tv cameras never seemed to be off posing bints in the stands, whether it was the WAGS or some other attention-seeker flapping her chest up and down to get the cameras on her. Take it somewhere else love! FOOTBALL!! Its the FOOTBALL we want to watch!! AND it’s the World Cup we want to win!!!

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