Rapper T.I Defends Cash Cow Iggy Azalea After Q-Tip Gives Her Hip Hop History Lesson

Iggy and T.I

Iggy and T.I

After rapper Azealia Banks gave an explosive interview to Hot 97 (watch), blasting T.I, Iggy Azalea and the music industry’s attitude towards black artists, the legend that is Q-Tip decided to give Iggy a Hip Hop history lesson (read), after she responded to Azealia Banks (read)



Now instead of Iggy responding to Q-Tip directly, T.I has put on his cape and tights and jumped to his protegé’s defence. 

The pint-sized rapper tweeted:

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks

Interestingly enough T.I has not responded to Azealia like he has done in the past (read), but I suspect her brutally honest and emotional interview with HOT 97 has forced him to look at her differently. He can no longer dismiss her as being this reckless pest of a black woman on Twitter, filled with bitterness and hate. If T.I does decide to address her he will have to choose his words carefully from now on.

Azealia BURIED him in that interview and has a lot more supporters now, including fellow artists who will probably never admit that publicly.

However in response to T.I’s defence of Iggy, Azealia tweeted:

Over to you T.I.

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  1. I have always respected Azealia Banks, but even more so after this interview.

    Sadly, we will always get white power rangers such as T.I coming to the defence of white people, as if they need defending. Has he not realised that white people are the most priviledged people on this planet, thus do not need defending!!!

  2. There’s nothing there that TI wrote that was wrong. I’m no fan of Iggy Azealia and yes there are Black female rappers that are better than her, but what do you want her to do? She grew listening to hip hop, had a dream of one day being a rapper, went to America to live out that dream and now everyone is having a go at her because shes white. People need to give her a break, she hasn’t done anything wrong. An attractive white female rapper will always appeal more to a predominantly white buying audience than a black female rapper ever will for the same reason Amir Khan appeals more to asians in this country than Ricky Hatton. I slightly feel sorry for the girl. The way she’s being attacked left right centre when she hasn’t done anything wrong, she just happens to be white.

    As for Azealia Banks, she’s a bitter woman with a serious serious attitude problem. She’s more known for her frequent attacks on other artists than for her music. I’ve been hearing about this girl for the last 2 years and to this day I couldn’t name a single track she has ever done. She’s a nut case. Unattractive girl with an equally unattractive attitude.

  3. err no Chris Iggy wasn’t this hip hop fan living in Australia etc etc. She’s a fraud and that is a made up back story. she first started out singing songs that Britney would sing . Do your research. As for your thoughts on Azealia again do your research. Once again you allow the mainstream media to brain wash your thoughts.

  4. The shame about all what is going on (just like what happens in England), just as people in the music industry gets to have a serious talk about what happens or happening to black musicians in the industry with the way they have been sold or the way they have been handled by the record companies there is stupid back and forth on twitter where the message gets lost and turned into something else.

    Not a fan of Iggy whatshername but focusing all this time and effort on just another pop white hope record company product why not take the message out to all the fans with open minds and use the new media to take this on without coming of subject.

  5. Actually I have done my research. Iggy very much was a hip hop fan. She started rapping at 14 and even formed a rap group before leaving Australia. Maybe she did sing Britney Spears songs as a young girl, many young girls did at the time. Azealia Banks has gone off at many many people on Twitter. Most of them unprovoked. That’s an undeniable fact. She even went off at Shystie on Twitter after they collaborated on a track together and made a video for it. If it weren’t for her constant attacks on Twitter I’m convinced I wouldn’t even know who this girl is.

    Iggy Azealia is undeniably attractive. Azealia Banks needs to be sectioned under the mental health act. The woman’s crazy. I personally wouldn’t listen to either Iggy or Banks.

  6. I’m disgusted at the levels of defense that these notable black males in the industry have gone to in order to protect their white deity. What the hell does she need defending from? This is a woman that has managed to climb the dizzy heights of success with little to no talent, collecting a barrage of accolades on the way for imitating (poorly) a culture that she does not come from and misrepresents in the worst way. Does Iggy look like shes suffering from anything?

    I find it hilarious that Iggy has managed to become the success that she has given the amount of racist and homophobic tweets and inflammatory racist lyrics that she has placed in her music, yet everyone is up in arms about Azalea Banks. She gets a pass on these things based on what?
    Iggy is someone that is being championed by someone who called himself “Intellectually Ignorant”, yes (Clifford aka T.I said that about himself) in a way that I don’t see him doing when it comes to his wife.
    I’m rather disgusted that when AB brought up the rather alarming facts of racism within the music industry, especially in regards to black women, and not one of those fools used their platforms to even back the truth of what she is saying. Instead, you have idiot Will I Am thanking Goldie for bringing hip hop to the world!!! This is the same man that used the words “talent” and “Cheryl Cole” in the same sentence, so no one should be surprised that he said that.

    All three of these men, i’m sure watched this interview, but felt the need to back Iggy!! The same Iggy who has been given a Grammy nominations for a shitty album, that’s supposed to represent hip hop. Rather than address the bigger issue of racism within the music industry, this is what them fools are doing.
    As much as people do not like AB, she has never lied, she has a brilliant album and backs up her rants with the fact that a) Shes an independent artist, who writes her own material and can polarize the music industry with being just herself (look at this ongoing debate shes started, quite good for someone who many have considered a non factor) b) Is entirely herself and doesn’t run to people to back her up when other rappers (yes Snoop) decide to use a meme that has been floating around on the internet for ages to diss her. She has enough mouth to tell a man to “die from Ebola”, but was crying like a fool because at a photo! The only person that had the right to cry about that photo, was the poor unfortunate albino woman who had to see her face plastered all over the internet.

    Iggy needs to stop crying, your not being damaged by this in even the slightest.
    Those of you who are offended at the language that AB uses, while its not the way I would personally handle things, what I will say is, “so what!!”. No one said a word when 50 Cent came into the game blasting every rapper under the sun, with the most defamatory remarks ever (he still does so even till this day). No one said a word when Tupac did the same thing cussing out Biggie Smalls by telling him he “fucked his wife” on his track “Hit Em Up”! What about the sexist and misogynistic lyrics on “Just Playing” from Biggie Smalls. Its funny that people have real selective memory when it comes to men and their rants in the industry, its even funnier when people make out that men are the “rational” ones when it comes to beef in hip hop, given the fact that there have been several men that have lost their lives due to some stupid beef! But apparently AB is the problem. This double standard have people confused, because selective memory is kicking in like a motherfucker!!

    For those of you that like to regurgitate this mantra of “ohhh but music is for everybody”, yes music is, but the “business of music” is exclusive to a select few, do not confuse the two!

    Black men are not being nearly as vocal enough in an issue within music that has been going on for decades. When Estelle talked about being told that record execs “did not know” what to do with her due to her colour, rather than supporting the truth of what she was saying, she was blasted for saying it. AB has said the same thing, and the only black male that so eloquently explained what she meant was Q-Tip, followed by Solange Knowles. I’m disgusted!! When i’m seeing black women organised things like the Million Man march in NYC for issues that is killing of our black men, but when women of colour speak on issues that effect them, its “crickets”. I’m hearing stories of actress Keke Palmers mother being shot in the neck with a plastic bullet while shes out protesting in Ferguson for yet another injustice of a black male being killed by a racist police officers. The levels of Stockholm Syndrome is just astounding!!!
    So whilst your out here caping for this no entity, think about the bigger picture of what going on, because right now the way Hip Hop is going don’t be surprised if you go to Itunes like J Cole did to look up the Jazz section, to find that Hip Hop will be represented by faces that don’t look like yours. Well done for yet again contributing to making another one of our billion pound artforms obsolete.

  7. @Terra

    I agree with what you are saying and i know (i hope) you are not surprised at the responses or lack of from people like T.I and Will i am.
    I will never expect some of these artist to speak up when 70% of their fanbase are the people who will not listen, cannot understand what is going on. Not one of these people want to lose that potential money. As usual when some of them fall from the limelight they will soon start to talk about being ousted because of their race but for now they will not talk. Q-Tip has nothing to lose right now, he does not have to panda to any market or rules of a major label he can talk freely. Also people like J Cole do not have to hold back because they know their fanbase will understand and not turn on him. I don’t look at him as someone who is trying to get mainstream acceptance.

    But what i would like to see is if someone would ask Will i am or any other direct questions about the industry’s and fans why they deal with non-white and female artist and not about if white people are allowed to make black music, lets see what he says then? i feel people are trying to divert us from the important issues here.

  8. She reminds me of Tupac, in that they both have this conflicted duality that is off putting and can detract from an important message. The guy interviewing her was right in trying to offer advice about how to speak on issues via social media. I’ve always hated people who write the first thing that comes to their mind on Twitter, it’s not empassioned or artistic, it’s corny and reckless- and gives these whites more ammunition to put down the real points you will bring up. Making it easy for them to label her bitter or the angry black woman. Kanye got hit with the same stick because of that, even though, underlying all his artist bs, he was saying the same thing as her. Even black people got at him, which pissed me off more.

    I’m glad she went at TI, I could never stand him and he lost any little respect I had for him when he was tap dancing and combing/brushing that white girls hair in that Robin Thicke video.

  9. @cameron I agree with you 100%
    Lets address the problem of black artist being constantly blocked in favor of a “white version” (cough cough Fergie) Why is that ok? If the music industry likes to portray themselves as this very PC non discriminatory industry, then why does the industry actively operate with trying to find the “white versions” of black artists? Isn’t it supposed to be about finding the best, irrespective of colour?? But yet this industry demonstrates the opposite of this fact time and time again.

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