UK Antics: Rapper Mike GLC Blasts X Factor Star Tulisa Contostavlos After Drug Case Debacle, Needs Our Help…


Rapper Mike GLC (real name Michael Coombs) has posted a series of tweets this morning blasting former “best friend” Tulisa Contostavlos over her treatment of him after the pair were caught up in a drug sting together last year

Contostavlos pleaded ‘not guilty’ while Coombs pleaded ‘GUILTY’ to supplying cocaine to an undercover reporter. However both walked free in July after the trial collapsed.

After the trial collapsed, BBC Three aired the fly on the wall documentary ‘Tulisa: The Price of Fame’ which followed the star during the lead up to the trial, and now it looks like the former X Factor judge’s career could be back on track. She will appear on this year’s X Factor as a mentor.

Prior to the trial Coombs would often go out of his way to defend Tulisa. On one occasion the misguided rapper tweeted,

I think people are forgetting what is going on for me and they think it funny. And all you lot taking the piss out of Tulisa carry on yeah….

Fast forward to August 24, 2014 and Coombs is tweeting a different tune, blasting his former friend and asking for help. He has even reached out to fellow artist Lethal B (who has had his own issues with Tulisa), but so far no reply from Lethal.

If Lethal has any sense he will continue to promote his new single and stay out of this foolishness.

Embarrassing blame game antics in full effect folks!

Please correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Mike caught on camera selling a Class A drug to an undercover reporter and didn’t he later plead GUILTY to supplying cocaine (“White sweets”) ?

*confused face*

Anyway,  how naive and ridiculous can this grown black man in his late 30s be?  Did he really think that Tulisa would stand by him after the proverbial hit the fan? Did he really think that HER legal team would go out of their way to help him?

But I guess mixing it up with celebs, the birthday bashes thrown in his honour at Whisky Mist , the holidays and LARGING it up in Marbella with best friend Tulisa and crew blinded him. 

All I can do is shake my head on this clear Sunday afternoon.


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  1. I think he’s telling the truth. Someone who is guilty wouldn’t be doing all this to prove their innocence. They would just be happy they got away with it.
    Anyway, his fault getting in a mix up with Her.
    Little to no sympathy.

  2. Both the same wrongen tulisa and mike both chose to supply.. Mike was used he should have known better. Her trusted sidekick …….. where was he… Mike you were used mate..

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