Jump Off TV personality DJ Snips revealed via twitter today that he had been told by Whisky Mist club management that if he wanted to host an event at the popular night spot that ‘black people were not welcome‘.

Angry Snips then went on to tweet

50/60 years ago there was this policy in the UK – ‘NO BLACKS, NO IRISH, NO DOGS’. And it looks like us blacks are still not welcome in some quarters.

Oh dear what a sorry state of affairs and yet another wake up call folks!  None of this surprises me though.  West End night clubs have been operating this door policy for YEARS!

As for those footballers and rappers who crave acceptance, the bouncers could be standing at the door wearing KKK outfits and burning crosses and those grinning clowns would still stroll in, party the night away with wannabe WAGS and groupies, and spend hundreds of pounds on booze. They stand for nothing.

I don’t tend to frequent these over-hyped establishments – never have. Back in the day me and my friends used to rave in night clubs located in the wastelands of East London (lol), parts of South London, and at house parties. Those were the days.

Anyway as far as I am concerned those “bouji” West End night clubs can spin on it. You won’t catch me outside begging to enter their establishments. They won’t be getting a penny of my hard earned cash!

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  1. This happens all the time!…..not so much with the girls but defo with the mandem! Even if you not a baller you have to be buying a table or showing that you have some mulah to get in!……..I know a few black guys who prefer to rave at clubs like Whisky over the snooker hall!!! Apparently they can relax and have a good night in these clubs but tend to fear for their lives in ‘other’ .non-exclusive’ clubs!!!!!

  2. Clubs in the West End discriminate against black people so much. There’s a quota on how many black people should be in, the type of ‘aesthetics’ they want in the women there etc. I know a club promoter who told me that he’s told to invite black girls who aren’t really fully black but mixed race. I’m talking about these enigma type chicks who are from every country under the sun like Jamaica, Guyana, India, Lebanon with a hint of Ireland. If not, then an East African chick from Eritrea or Somalia will do. I’m Somali myself and I actually find it disgusting that there are black club promoters who actually follow rubbish like this.

    I’ve been to Whiskey Mist a few times and it’s full of pretentious people and if it’s true that they don’t want black people there, then I’ll spend my money at another club.

  3. Hit the nail on the head Jan, yet again another message to the so called Negro, YOU ARE NOT LIKED OR WANTED HERE. Stop trying to bread up the white man, it will make no difference, regardless of your status.

  4. Even though we know it’s been going on, it’s good to hear it from an industry insider and it’s still shocking. Thank you DJ Snips for having the courage to say what other people in the industry are afraid to.

  5. well thats one club off my list!!! … to be honest i dont attend them really i find that this stuff is too common… congrats to dj snips for speaking up !!!….
    hopefully others will speak up
    hopefully people will think about boycotting clubs like this …
    that club is not the only place doing this

  6. They play dead music to beige people in those clubs. I don’t like dead music nor am I beige so I stay clear of them image ting places. Not just west end, I’ve had this experience in Kingston. Kingston, Surrey not Jahmaker. Only planks go there and I’m not one of those either.

  7. I personally work the doors and have been for 15 years! I agreed with the comments. I recently worked two weekend clubs. As a person of colour was quite upset that the door policy was to keep the people of colour down to a minimum. I stood and listened to management who seem to be Albanian or of Eastern European back ground turn away black after black. Even groups of Asian guys. I asked another door staff why was this because he said if you let in too many gangster blacks they will want to take over club. Sometimes as people of colour we don’t help ourselves. Then every person of color gets labelled. I saw for myself how I black guy that had a table but was dressed in not nice attire could get in. He even gave attitude when given a search. Looked mixed raced and his table group was mixed race n white.There is definitely racism at Westend club for sure I’m used to working your more urban clubs. but as I said we as people of color really don’t help ourselves. but it is wrong….

  8. Anyway, black people will still flock to these venues, because we are stupid enough to give them our money. They can behaive that way because some will go running to them like a bunch of fools, because they are all about appearances and being seen in the so called “right places”. We are a law unto ourselves

  9. They have been getting away with it for years but it’s only now it’s being highlighted and people are actually openly discussing it. If this was America the club would have been under investigation and put on blast years ago. But over here we just keep quiet and pretend stuff like this doesnt happening.

  10. Not surprised by this but then again it’s only clubbing. There’s plenty of other things where we are excluded that have more relevance and importance. It does give me joke though – happily play our music but nah want we inna da place!

  11. It’s true MissSteele, and it’s the same with how the Skinheads used to carry on! They would be partying and loving the Ska and reggae music, and after the parties done – chasing, and beating down black people!

  12. This is so true when i was looking for a night club to launch my lingerie line Alot the the clubs made it pretty clear they didnt want black people or had a strictly no “urban music” policy smh

  13. Somebody just told me that she went to Whisky with work colleagues for a Christmas party and she was the only one stopped at the door. They allowed everyone to go in but stopped her and asked for ID. A colleague who is a club regular pursuaded them to let her in.

    *shaking my head*

  14. It is barbaric to hear things of such in this century. I want to believe d brain behind this ideology was psychologically myopic and mentally retarded.

  15. This reminds me of what it was like years ago in America. They would play and dance to black music but black people were banned from entering those venues unless it was to clean or perform.

  16. Nothing will be done about this, unless they refuse Obama or something! Its disgusting, a black british celeb shud be filmed trying to go in with unfamiliar faces (without pre-booking) and see what happens…..

  17. I hope a white person shoots up the place (without injuring anyone of course) or wreaks havoc inside, breaking all the champagne bottles at the bar, then they should tell us what their race policy is afterwards… Nonsensical nonsense.

  18. Janice is right if this happened here we would boycott and it would be on every news program around. We would for sure try to close it, if we could. But this did happen a while back on the gold coast of Chicago. The rich part of town…they wouldn’t let Blacks in this one club and the Blacks went to the media. Boycotted and after that no Blacks ever went back. Its like this for me if you don’t want me there i don’t want to be there. Plus i’m not that interested in being around others anyway. I really hope you guys boycott this place. Don’t just sit back and let them treat you guys like this. It is wrong and extremely racist!! Black people should recognize the fact that just because you’re a celebrity it don’t mean that you are welcomed!!! As Oprah!!!!!! Oh and it really don’t have that much to do with the image of Black people.. It is just because you are Black and they don’t want to deal with you…. I’m in no way in denial of how this world works…..and everyone else should wake up as well…

  19. And then they (white people) say they aren’t racist, this is just the tip if the iceberg, ain’t nothing changed since the 60’s its just that the UK has become more sophisticated at this racist BS.

  20. You should go to Movida,jeleuse, project , they are incredibly racist to anyone who is not white and looks like a non white, notice that whenever people get rejected from these clubs, they are usually Indian or black other Asian, I have an Indian friend who is a promoter and he tells me that they tell him not to bring Indians , If he goes n talks to the club about it they say” that’s not the crowd we want ” , they say that all the rich white members only want white chicks in there and hate other races, they’re basically gutless white supremacists

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