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I enjoyed this debate.

The black British community tends to always look at what black Americans have achieved in the world of entertainment etc, but what we have to remember is that none of that happened over night and they STILL have a long way to go.

Note to Trish Adudu – I know time was an issue but surely there is a way to stay within the time limit without constantly interrupting the guests.

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  1. To be fair many Canadian,European or even Australian actors have been looking for opportunities in the US and everything happened there. I am also pretty sure American producers/ casting directors like them because they are cheaper.

  2. The presenter annoyed me. Kept interrupting Aml, who seem to be the only one chatting any form of sense

  3. I was really impressed with Aml he talked the most amount of sense it’s all about a collective, but people in the UK don’t get this, like Ashley, talking about him being in the silent witness and thinking that’s a success, what? being the token black guy, that ain’t nothing new, then he started talking about Italian Americans saying they weren’t complaining about gangster movies and The Sopranos when if he really got his facts straight he would realise that they did complain about it and even complained about the representation of themselves in Jersey Shore.

    To be honest I know all three of them will get up, exchange phone numbers, promise to meet up and all walk in different directions Aml will push it but I can tell Ashley and Sky won’t or don’t wanna join up, they got that negative mentality. Aml needs to stay in the States.

    Black people always looking for the white man to help them, talking we need this and we need that, stop the talk get together and do something.

  4. Ashley is one bitter and bad mind man. He must think people have forgotten the shade he threw at black actors who dare to look work a foreign when the dribs, drabs and “gun crime” sagas that are portrayed on TV for black actors to act in are not enough to keep them in any kind of employ. Then to suck up to British “whitey” he promoted “Multicultural Britain PLC” , as if that was going to get him any shine (ass kisser).
    Mind you, this is the same somebody who said that he thinks that white people should be able to say “nigga” freely. So people should know that Mr Waters is probably one of the “eggs up” black man who, whilst not dunce, resents a black person whose mind is still flexible enough to see that “covert” racism is still racism and will take their chances elsewhere, instead of relying on the ” Kum by yah ” style of racism over here to feed them crumbs.
    And, yes, why doesn’t Mr. Waters show some impetus? Why is he too shy to go to America and go on the grind? He is very English (of the working class mentality) in that he is very insular and whinging.

  5. Alot of people forget that he did go to the US, he was in the 50 cent film, maybe that was a bad experience for him, so now he is hating. I love England and I love black people but I feel when it comes to the black industry it seems to be very small, centered around London and the people have a serious crabs in the barrel mentality which is why people move out.

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