Actor, writer, director and producer Noel Clarke

Actor, writer, director and producer Noel Clarke

A misleading article published on The Guardian website has angered actor Noel Clarke.

According to blogger and film critic Ben Child, Clarke’s horror flick Storage 24 was America’s lowest grossing film of 2013.

Child wrote:

A British horror set in a self-storage facility from actor and film-maker Noel Clarke was the poorest performing movie at the US box office last year with a paltry £44 ($72) haul. 

Storage 24 was shot on a reportedly tiny budget of around £1.6m and was Clarke’s first film to appear in American cinemas following his cameo appearance in Star Trek film Into Darkness last year. The former Doctor Who star is well known to British audiences for his work behind the camera, and in front of it, on the popular 2006 urban drama Kidulthood and its 2008 sequel Adulthood.

Clarke played the lead role and co-wrote the screenplay for Storage 24, which centres on a couple who find themselves trapped in a London storage facility inhabited by a menacing extraterrestrial. Its creator came up with the idea after visiting a similar facility (presumably minus the alien interloper). Continue Reading….

Blogger and film critic Ben Child

Blogger and film critic Ben Child

Child was later forced to add that a spokesperson for the production said the £44 figure was so low because Storage 24 was released on only ONE screen for ONE day in the US due to the terms of a TV deal. He also admitted that  the original piece ‘failed to mention Storage 24’s distribution pattern in the US, which plays into its box office take, but has neglected to change the article’s title ‘Noel Clarke horror takes in only £44 at the US box office’.

In response to the misleading and embarrassing article Noel tweeted:

Supporters tweeted:

While others tweeted:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh dear. Poor Noel.

And as for Ben… he simply could not be bothered to do his research first and clearly isn’t a Noel Clarke fan.

I watched Storage 24 when it was released here in the UK  two years ago.

Click here to read my review.

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  1. This is one of those times when people are so quick to stick the knife into someone you don’t like you rush out to write about them without doing the research. I Don’t blame Noel Clarke for losing his rag about this.
    I bet if this had been a Oxford/Cambridge/or any other middle class director they would have done the research before hand. I sometimes wonder if Noel Clarke’s 1st 2 films had been about white northerners rather than black and white kids in west London if he would have been more respected by all critics?

  2. Not the biggest fan of Kidulthood but I agree with Noel this article is unfair. Hope Noel continues to do well.

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