Global Radio has launched a new television commercial promoting Capital XTRA (formally Choice FM), using the slogan ‘Find It First’.

I wonder who they drafted in to do the voice over. Kojo, Manny Norte or DJ Abrantee?


Photo courtesy of The Voice Online: Choice FM co-founder, Neil Kenlock.

Photo courtesy of The Voice Online: Choice FM co-founder Neil Kenlock.

Over the weekend a protest/rally took place outside of Global Radio headquarters calling for the media giant to bring back Reggae, Soca and Gospel music programming.

Former Choice FM DJ Daddy Ernie,  Lee Jasper and the co-founder of Choice FM Neil Kenlock (who SOLD the station to Global 10 years ago) were also in attendance.

Kenlock is campaigning to hold Global to the promise to meet the requirements of the original license, which specifically catered for the needs of London’s African and Caribbean communities.

Broadcast regulator OFCOM say they are now monitoring Global Radio.


Did Choice FM founders Patrick Berry and Neil Kenlock really believe that once they sold their company to Global Radio, and handed over the keys to the building that the new OWNERS would stick to a ‘promise’?

Neil why would they stick to any promise? The reality is Global purchased your company a decade ago and can do as they please.

I will keep on saying this – OWNERSHIP is key here. The focus should now be on creating, building and nurturing our own business ventures and holding on to them. That is the only way you become a major power player in this land of ours. Other communities (in particular the Asian community) figured this out decades ago.

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  1. This has to be one of the most confusing protest I have seen!!!! They sold the radio yet still expect “others” to run it their way??????

  2. Nubiahbella :

    This has to be one of the most confusing protest I have seen!!!! They sold the radio yet still expect “others” to run it their way??????

    It is confusing and I co-sign Janice too. Capital Xtra is an independently run company that we no longer own. What’s the point in all this protesting when we are not in a position to dictate what music they play. We haven’t been in this position for 10 years.

  3. It’s about the law and them fulfilling their end of the bargain. They bought the station under the false pretense of staying true to the agreement. But obviously white people think they can do as they please since they hold the keys.

  4. Global do hold the keys they handed over 11million (apparently) for those keys. You sell your company you have no say in what happens to it afterwards.
    As for the law /agreement I await OFCOM’s verdict on that one.

  5. It is not that confusing. They sold it to Global with a tacit agreement not to change the format. Who knows if they got better offers at the time but went with Global because they promised to stick to the agreement. The problem is Ofcom should be holding Global to account.

  6. Where are the people in the industry who are knowledgeable when it comes to the radio business and can build a new Choice? what about the DJs who were sacked? What is stopping them from coming together and building a new station for the community?

    Tymusic :

    I know why I went…


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