The Voice reports that broadcasting watchdog OFCOM has revealed its plans to monitor radio station Capita Xtra before making a final decision over whether to launch a full-scale investigation.

The body was forced to act after receiving numerous complaints that the station formerly known as Choice FM was not sticking to its format agreement, described as “music and news…for listeners of African and Afro-Caribbean origin in the north London area, but with crossover appeal to other listeners who appreciate urban contemporary black music.”

Capital XTRA launched on October 7 as an “urban dance” station and broadcasts on Choice’s old FM home of 96.9 and 107.1 in London and nationally on the digital platform known as Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). It is anticipated that between 2015 and 2019, the Government plans to migrate all AM and FM analogue services to DAB.

But as well as the name change, a number of DJs including Daddy Ernie and Martin Jay were axed and replaced with more dance specialists such as Swedish DJ Avicii. It means there are no shows dedicated to reggae, soca or gospel.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “Ofcom can confirm that it has received complaints about Capital Xtra’s compliance with the published formats of its licences. Continue Reading….

I will be surprised if OFCOM decide to launch a full-scale investigation. I believe that Global Radio’s founder and Executive President Ashley Tabor (owner of Capital Xtra) has got all his bases covered.

Dotun Adebayo

Dotun Adebayo

Speaking of Ashley Tabor several weeks ago I came across this amusing article written by Dotun Adebayo.  In the article the BBC London radio host reveals that 3 years ago big boss man Ashley invited him to Global’s headquarters to discuss the “rebranding” of Choice FM.

Dotun wrote,

About three years ago, the multi-millionaire boss of Capital Radio, Ashley Tabor, invited me to his HQ in Leicester Square on a very delicate matter. He was thinking of re-branding Choice FM and he wanted to know what I thought the reaction would be from the listeners.

He was thinking of calling it Galaxy to go with the corporate branding that he was planning for his line of specialist stations. By coralling all the stations under one brand name, he could offer advertisers truly national advertising to compete with the BBC’s national reach. It made sense from a business perspective – kerching!

Being the “Voice of Black Britain”, I saw nothing wrong with a little bump and grind of the name. It wasn’t like Choice was engraved in stone and was at the heart of every black Briton’s thinking. There are some things we will riot for and throw stones for, but the name of a radio station isn’t one of them.

I told Ashley I didn’t think much of the name Galaxy but at the end of the day Choice’s listeners would not judge a book by its cover and eventually they would get used to any name – call it Tom, Dick and Harry if you want, as long as they could still rely on it to deliver the music and the banter that they tuned in for.

Ashley promised me at the time that there were no plans to meddle with the output, just the name. Oh well, no biggie then, I concluded and left the place having eaten my full and quenched my thirst of his hospitality.


Oh dear Dotun “Voice of Black Britain” Adebayo… you were sooooooooooo wrong.

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  1. If they wanted to keep the original format they would not have changed the name or the DJs and their shows. They would have just taken over management without changing much, but that was never their intention and the founders who sold it to them knew that too.

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