Well folks it is now official. Choice FM is no more.

Via Radio Today

Choice FM will disappear on Sunday to make way for Global Radio’s latest brand extension – Capital XTRA – on national DAB and in London on FM.

The new station will launch this Monday with “Kojo & Jade with XTRA in the morning” at 6am. Carrying the strapline, DANCE.URBAN.UK., the new station will play new music and break urban dance acts.

New Choice signing Tim Westwood will be on the station, along with Capital’s Craig David and Avicii from a recently refurbished studio in London’s Leicester Square.

Ashley Tabor, founder and executive president at Global said:

“The launch of Capital XTRA is a great moment for listeners, for commercial radio, for the DAB platform and for our team here at Global. People right across the UK will now get to enjoy a truly national station in Capital XTRA – the only commercial station to play urban dance music nationwide. We’re taking the best presenters and shows and building on that by adding even more new talent to the line up and we believe Capital XTRA has a very bright future.”

Founder and Executive President of Global Ashley Tabor

Founder and Executive President of Global Ashley Tabor

“URBAN DANCE MUSIC” –  So basically Calvin Harris produced tracks with black artists and Rita Ora singing  lead vocals.

All I can do is laugh out loud.

I will repeat what I said in a previous post  and that is:

What we have to remember is that Choice FM sold out to Capital FM/Global over a decade ago. Choice stopped being an independent black owned community based/focused radio station years ago.

Each year since the Capital FM/Global takeover the station has steadily morphed in to a mainstream “URBAN” beast and there will be more major changes to come.

If we as a people want things to change then we have to create our own radio stations. OWNERSHIP is key here – Internet radio is the way forward people. 

Colourful Radio, Bang Radio and Supreme FM (to name but a few) keep doing your thing.

If this move fails to wake up black folks who choose to bury their heads in the sand then nothing will.

Rest In Peace Choice FM.

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  1. Choice used to stand on it’s own two feet as a radio station.that played Black music. Now as “Xtra” it is just an appendage that plays “urban dance music” – whatever that is!

  2. “Colourful Radio, Bang Radio and Supreme FM (to name but a few) keep doing your thing.”

    I agree with that statement, maybe if people did really care for what Choice FM stood for before the takeover they will use their anger/dismay and move over to these stations fully. More viewers means more money for the stations to improve and move forward.

  3. …..And Kojo needs to watch his back now that the show is going nationwide. Lets be real, there are large parts of White England that are not going to have time for Kojo’s humour and voice. They will find an “acceptable face and Voice” to front their morning shows just like Kiss FM did.

  4. No surprise there at all. This is what happens when we sell ourselves far too short. We had something that was amazing and we were so quick to give it away for change whilst they sack our dj’s and blackness and make millions from it. Why can’t we have anything?

  5. Do you think they will keep her on for the breakfast show? I hope moving her to the breakfast show wasn’t a trap to get rid of her eventually.

  6. A sad day for black history in the UK; Global Radio didn’t even have the originality to come up with a cool new, urban name, opting instead to rip off 1Xtra. I would never hire the creative and marketing teams responsible for coming up with ‘Capital Xtra’ – they’re too unoriginal and out of touch. Feel glad the likes of DJ279 aren’t working on such a sorrowful new station – at least the legends of Choice FM left while the station still had a fraction of urban credibility left. Westwood is perfect for Capital Xtra: commercial, white and no street cred.

  7. I stopped listening to Choice FM years ago after it was no longer a black owned station and began to play watered down ‘urban’ music.

    I urge people to listen to black owned stations such as Galaxy Radio (galaxyafiwe), Genesis Radio, Omega Radio, Conscious FM and Lightening FM which all play various genres of black music, while also scheduling shows for community information and talk shows concerning African/black people.

    David Myles, South LDN.

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