Rio Ferdinand

Fined 45k over a tweet he just replied to….

Via The Telegraph

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has been fined £45,000 after being   found guilty of improper conduct over comments he made relating to the John Terry racism trial on Twitter.

Ferdinand appeared to endorse a Tweet by another user of the social networking   site which described Chelsea   defender Ashley Cole, who gave evidence on behalf of Terry in the trial, as  a “choc ice”, a term understood to mean someone who is black on the outside   but white on the inside.

Terry was found not guilty last month of racially abusing Ferdinand’s brother   Anton during a Premier League game between Chelsea and QPR on Oct 23 last   year, although he is also now contesting a Football Association charge over   the same incident.

The FA said in a statement today: “Manchester   United‘s Rio Ferdinand has been fined £45,000 after an independent   regulatory commission found proven a charge of improper conduct in relation   to a comment posted on Twitter.

“The commission decided that the comment was improper and brought the game  into disrepute. In addition, the commission found that the breach included a   reference to ethnic origin, colour or race.” Continue Reading….

This is BULLS**T.

The Football Association deserves to burn.

Regular visitors to Mad News will know that I have been following this ridiculous story from the beginning. Click HERE , HERE and HERE if you missed those posts.

I’m done.

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  1. Hang on, this is more money than what that prick Terry would have been fined, if they were to find him guilty, this is some bullshit!

  2. The FA has proven again that it has no idea what racism is, it lacks the capacity to discern between inter-race critique and out and out racist. Rio needs to appeal this. is there a petition I can sign for this bull injustice

  3. Hold up I’m confused here, how can you fine someone for what someone else wrote on their twitter page, are they even serious right now?????

  4. It took them less than a month to find Rio guilty of an indirect tweet, but it took them almost half a year and endless debates and airtime on radio and TV, and a not guilty verdict/court appearance, to find him guilty and we haven’t even heard how much he is being fined. smh, the FA has racists and BNP members sitting in that office.

  5. “Look coon, that is how we do it ere mate, gotta look after our own. Just take it on the chin matey, its a minor, gotta get ya blackies back for dragging our boy Terry through all that legal hoohar”.

    This is typical Edomite behaviour, they expect you to continue to allow them to walk all over you Negro, and you complaining about it is like the unpardonable sin, and you must be dealt with.

    How long are you going to continue to put up with this in your face racist nonsense eh Negro?

    As for you Edom, keep prodding and stirring the pot, a can of recompense is going to be opened up on you with such fury, you will be returning to your former dwelling places in the mountains to hide from the fire that’s coming for your red hide.

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