N-Dubz star turned solo artist the ridiculous Dappy has released the “freestyle” I’m Coming (Tarzan pt 2).

On the track he fires shots at some of the UK “URBAN” music elite (rappers Scorcher and Bashy), Simon Cowell and former X-Factor winners Joe McElderry and Alexandra Burke.

“I heard Simon Cowell thinks I’m a little w**ker/ And that I’m getting on his t*ts like cancer/ I don’t want to start mentioning names (f**k it)/ Where they all now? They’re bankrupt.

“Joe McElderry, oh what a stand up/ Alexandra, pull your socks up/ Where your hits at, you ain’t no winner/ I feel bad cos your voice is amazing/ But your career is getting raped by a mason.”

Oh dear….

Regular visitors to the site will know that I am not a big fan of Alexandra Burke’s “PR antics” but I believe her career has been sabotaged thanks to lacklustre songs being thrown her way, radio stations (including BBC Radio 1) have refused to put her latest single on their playlist and rumour has it that label RCA plan on dropping her.

I agree with Dappy’s assessment of the situation.  But this is how black British female artists in this country are treated these days. Don’t believe me ask Estelle.

Now back to Dappy… he should have left Jamaica out of this mess. “Sitting on a beach with weed man Winston”.  Just STOP!

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  1. There’s indeed something wrong with Alexandra Burke career at the moment, why all of the sudden radio stations do not playlist her ??? I think Simon has something to do with it and the songs she’s been given are not good, does she have a stylist coz she always looks ridiculous….i think they didn’t expect her winning single to do well and since it did they are just trying to drag her under the bus.

  2. I hope in five years time Dappy will be better off than the people he is laughing at and mocking. Karma. Which reminds me of what Alexandra was saying about her mother being jelous of her, because she never had a number one or hit single in her singing career, or something like that. These artists speak like they have it already mapped out and their future is guaranteed. I don’t care how much sense he might make, people like him should just shut up sometimes and see how long they themselves are going to last.

    As for Alex, this is x factor and simon. That man never has long term plans for his artists. He is only interested in how much money he can make in the shortest period of time from the show. How can you expect him to give these winning artists longevity when he does this year after year for so many years? Before the winning artist kicks off or even brings out an album, he already has another winning artist. How can he handle them all at once.

  3. wow that video was terrible, but alot of the things he’s saying true and like how he says it how it is, everyone else in the UK too far up simon Cowells a*** to say anything, something tells me that even if Dappy was in a worse situation than the people he mocking he wouldn’t give a damn

  4. Any chance of someone transcribing the lyrics, i cant stand watching this little runt.

    He’s been complaining about Simon Cowell and x factrt keeping him off the top of the charts for ages. That couldnt have anything to do with Simon not wanting to be a part of his ‘project’ can it? ; )

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