According to the ridiculous Daily Mail this is the photograph that confirms singer Alexandra Burke and footballer Defoe are a couple.

Click HERE to view more of photographs.

[Thanks Lorraine]

Those of you who are regular visitors to Mad News already know my thoughts on this so-called union.

I just want to know who is responsible for calling the paparazzi so that these photographs could be taken?

The linking of arms just looks painfully FAKE.  It’s beyond comical.

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  1. Ona real tho why is he the one linking on her arm? She looks like the man n he looks like the girl! Guess we know who the top is

  2. I didn’t think he was into women the same colour as him *shrugs*. Men like him will go out with white women on are on a come-up, but will only deal with black (if at all) who have their own ish….UK black men in the public eye make me sick!

  3. I never believed that Alexandra Burke and Jermain Defoe was an item when i first read about them because you no Jermain don’t date black women but now i’m starting to think it could be true they are always together is it that there just good friends or are they an item?

  4. He is in interested in black women. I saw him once and he was all over me (I am black. lol). I just think he chooses not to date black women for whatever reason. Look at his exes, Chantelle and Danielle Lloyd. It is not as if he is picking the cream of the crop.

  5. His face says “Oh no, I’m touching black, get it off!” Just jokes, I hope they have many gorgeous babies!!

  6. Coconut Defoe with a black woman??????????????????? Please, I’m not falling for this nonsense. Defoe likes his pork scratchings through and through just like the majority of these black footballers.

  7. Defoe one of those black guys who will sleep with black women but he don’t really wanna date them, don’t get it twisted black footballers are still attracted to black women but alot of them are followers and want to fit in with the others who have dumb WAGs. @Damien I was thinking the same thing.

  8. When the black race isn’t busy murdering itself it’s dissing itself over damn foolishness.

  9. Move on with your self ‘Fuzzydunlop’ OK!! or should i call you one of Alexandra’s friends or family member’s try and understand why no one believes there a couple yeah! this is Jermain were talking about since when he date black woman??? and you know what if he did choose to start dating black girls am i sincerely meant to believe he choose Alexandra come on he aint all that but Alexandra is one battered looking woman a part of me thinks there just friends this can’t be true they can’t be dating, or can it be true??? who know’s!!!

  10. Nobody is dissing the black race here, we are simply expressing our doubt over the validity of this so called “relationship”, especially with Miss Burke’s musical career close to ship wreck, it is very hard to believe that this is anything more than a PR stunt. This is of course not mentioning all of the other “incidents” that have “just happened” to land on Ol Burke’s doorstep and boost her back into the spotlight for a hot minute. Nobody here was born yesterday and most folks here like myself smell a rat.

  11. Lol man i missed this blog while away! You guys keep me laughing….. keep up the good work Janice…………….. So what i hear some of you saying is… Black men or footballers don’t date Black females…. why??

  12. I never thought i would say this but i actually think the two of them are a couple and not just friends i don’t think its PR Miss Nostril Burke has a good singing voice but she seems a bit full of her self i don’t no Jermain but i never thought he would date someone like horse woman Burke it must be her personality not that she seems to have much of one because its certainly not her looks or may be he’s going through a moment of madness and will soon snap out of it who no’s.

  13. For God sake what’s wrong with people ? these two are just another human being, if they decided to be a couple then so be it, who are we to judge ? what about these black men dating white women and they are not footballers ? each to their own, I dated black men and all I get was abuse, so I change my tune and date a white man and we are together for 11 years, reason for that, he treats me the way am expecting and I do the same to him. Blackmen will ask me why I don’t date my own race, but most black men are absolutely NO-GOOD. They treats a white chick better than a black chick.

  14. very sad @monika. Your white partner doesn’t treat you right because he is white, he’s just a nice guy who happens to be white – those bad experiences you’ve had with black men are just that, bad experiences with men that happened to be black. I wonder when you have a son with your partner – will you think the same of him? And contrary to what many people have said above, I think Alexandra is gorgeous. I am however very sceptical of the relationship too but the girls he’s had before I don’t think he would even consider marrying so IF (and it’s a big IF) this is true, let’s hope it’s more than a booty call

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