Earlier this year Burger King dropped their latest commercial online featuring singer Mary J Blige.

Mary promoting their new Crispy Chicken Wraps through song proved to be a source of confusion, laughter and entertainment for days. Poor Mary.

Now the singer has finally addressed the situation on the Angie “I love everyone” Martinez radio show.

“It was just something I thought would have been a great branding opportunity. It never was a chicken commercial. It was about a sandwich and I was singing about the ingredients. That’s what I thought it was.” 

“I went online to listen to the remix I did with Fat Joe, ‘Another Round’, and all I could see was Burger King and chicken and the buffoonery…it just broke my heart. People were just going crazy crucifying me…and I understand the laughter and the jokes and the stuff that was happening. That’s all good. You’re supposed to do that when something like that happens. It made people’s websites go up. It made people get more ratings on their radio stations, but the thing that hurt me is when people started to say vicious negative things that didn’t have anything to do with it.” 

“It was a mistake when you look at it at the end of the day, because people look at it as a mistake, but I did it as something that wouldn’t come out like that.” 

“So I want to apologize to everyone that was offended or thought that I would do something so disrespectful to our culture. I would never do anything like that purposefully. I thought I was doing something right. So forgive me, if that hurts you.”

It was just a badly made commercial and I felt it was beneath her.

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  1. Well at least she explains herself and seems contrite. Unlike a lot of the “nouveau” riche black music celebrities. By the way, anybody heard Jay-z’s, Beyawnce’s or even Kanye’s take on Gwyneth Paltrow’s “entitled” use of the N-word…..? Nah, because THOSE fools really do feel that they alone ARE the worldwide Black community. They may well be in the minds of too many white people. What grieves me is that too many black people stan for them and their “acting out” because they are rich. And these same black stans will step on their black mother’s head to defend that trio of effery. For all her past etc, you can always feel that Mary is trying to to stay real in the crazy world she lives in. If this was Beyonce, she wouldn’t have even thought she did anything “wrong”. Rant over.

  2. Beautiful woman, Brilliant singer, love her.
    Had the decency to apologise over a trvial matter enough said…..

  3. I didnt see anything wrong with it at the time to be honest, a bit cheesy but then all commercials are. The same people cussing Mary for being paid thousands to promo a burger king chicken sandwich think its a ‘big movements’ when Nando’s & Adidas use UK artists to promote their brand for free. ( or for a pair of trainers and free chicken)Go figure.

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