Jay-Z performing at the Hackney Weekend with special guest Rihanna

The BBC Radio Hackney Weekend music festival took place this past weekend and judging from the feedback it was a huge success.

I didn’t attend but watched some of the performances on BBC 3.

The build-up to headliner Jay-Z’s performance was ridiculously stupid and over the top (LOL). Anyone would have thought that Michael Jackson (Rest In Peace) was about to hit the stage.  You also had people (men) on Twitter getting their knickers in a twist and screaming blue murder at anyone who spoke out against the mighty J-Hova. They were behaving as if they went through 72 hours of painful labour before giving birth to the man.

Jay-Z really does have the power to turn grown men FOOL.

Anyway Jay seemed tired and sluggish during his set and the crowd was a little subdued, but then Kanye saved the day by bringing some much-needed energy to the set.

Then came “Niggas In Paris” which they performed twice. Beyonce could be seen moshing (hahahahaha) and UK Pop Rap duo Rizzle Kicks, the VIP crew and the fans all rapped along (word for word) and also engaged in some mindless moshing.

Odd and uncomfortable viewing but hey anything goes these days.

I didn’t see Nas perform yesterday but hear he did the business with a live band and even went as far as to replace the word ‘nigga’ with the word ‘brother’ during his set.

Rihanna put in a performance that screamed “I JUST CANNOT BE BOTHERED”. But she still went down a storm.

I really don’t understand the hype and the sheep like mentality surrounding singer Rita Ora. She can sing but I still fail to see what all the fuss is about.

The crowd just did not seem to get Nicki Minaj.  Her performance was painful to watch and hearing presenter Gemma Cairney tell Nicki afterwards (with a straight face) that her performance was “EPIC” almost finished me off. It was far from “EPIC” Gemma.

I really enjoyed performances by Emeli Sande, D’Banj and rock band Kasabian. Well done!

Funniest moment:  I must send a special shout out to the sound man who messed up during M.I.A’s performance by cutting her microphone off. The man deserves a Knighthood.


Admittedly though a part of me wished I had made an effort to get a ticket to the festival. It looked like it was a fun weekend.

CLICK HERE to watch the performances.

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