Mad News reader Nemat brought these ridiculous new trainers to my attention a week ago but I just kept thinking this has to be a hoax. No way would sports giant Adidas release this cheap, tacky, ugly and some will say controversial shoe.

Boy was I wrong. The Adidas JS Roundhouse Mids will be available to buy in August which has caused outrage. Some have likened the orange “bracelets” to the shackles worn by black slaves in 19th Century America and have branded them “slavewear”.

All I can do is shake my head and laugh. They look so stupid.

But I can actually see Britain’s young, dumb and should know better crew queuing for hours desperate to get their hands on this mess on the day of release.

In response to the trainers UK rapper Akala tweeted,

That idiot ( an act/s paid in free clothing to endorse Adidas) will probably be wheeled out by the end of the day.


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  1. Russell Simmons will probably come out and defend them like he did with Gwyneth!! He’s such a fassy!

  2. Looks they are now not going to be sold! Thank God. And if you ever saw the comments on Daily Mail yesterday. The general consensus was “we need to get a grip” oh to be White and have such privilege to never understand what offends people of other races on a daily basis. KMT!

  3. @Terra and @LondonDiva I hear you and total agree with you both – the sad thing about these trainers that if they were to go on sale their biggest customers would be our young black youths. These big Companies can say and do what they feel like doing when it comes to black people, cause they don’t rate us and they know there will be no real redress, but they woudn’t try that shit with Muslims or Jews. KMT and KMT again!

  4. Keep prodding the lion Babylon, because when that same lion you have been taunting and mocking is finally let loose and the can is opened to its fullest, you will really know what time it is.

  5. sadly enough many were going to buy them. You can sometimes sell anything to our people….only because they don’t think for themselves….But there is always hope i say! Russell …had me shaking my head…. so sad. The thing with some Black people is, that they just don’t get it. Or the want to be accepted by others that they will do anything. WAKE UP!! I’m glad this is a done issue….

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