X-Factor contestant Misha B has released the video for her debut single Home Run. The single will be officially released through Relentless Records on July 15.

The single isn’t bad. At least it’s not a boring safe ballad. And it’s clear from the video that Missy Elliot’s past videos inspired the director.

I wish Misha the best of luck.

Your thoughts please. Hit or Miss?

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  1. she is very talented but she shouldn’t rush to put some material out right now, there is no point to rush she should take her time and record something strong to shut down the haters….i’ll buy it anyway.

  2. She is really talented and I really do wish her every success she deserves it – but I’m not feeling the song

  3. hmm, don’t really like the song at all.

    On another note, and I’m in danger of sounding like Verbs here, but I’ve noticed Satanic imagery creeping into street wear recently in the form of upside down crosses, three 6’s etc. It’s probably just designers jumping on a trend (as usual), but this is one I hope goes no further

  4. Such a shame, she’s very talented but that song is awful and so is her hair. The video looks very low budget too.

    I have listen to some of her stuff in Youtube and it was 10 times better.

  5. I actually prefer the song to the video. It looks like a very bad carbon copy of a Missy Elliot video. I notice that this seems to be the trend of some British artists, they want to be the UK version of a US artist (i.e NDubz, Black Eye Peas etc). I heard the song first before I saw the video, the video lets it down

  6. dont like her phrasing…. … not hating her .. but i think she needs to make a few more songs…. record for a while and find her self

  7. not jumping out at me… even though i do wish her success.. Needs a little more work…..

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