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First he loses his BBC 1xtra weekday show to the “people’s prince” Charlie Sloth and now Tim Westwood has to endure the wrath of Iranian born rapper (who grew up in Margate) MIC Righteous in this scathing diss record titled ‘Sack City’.

The track also features audio from an interview Tim did with Hip Hop legend KRS-One.

Tim Westwood

Interestingly Righteous to my knowledge is the only UK rapper to actually go after the Big Dawg publicly and in this fashion. I guess he feels he’s got nothing to lose.

Via The Lala Report

If you want to know what the history is behind this “beef” then click here.

Your thoughts please….

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  1. Somebody had to do it. I’ve always said that there’s David Rodigan and then there is Tim Westwood. I know which one carries themselves with more dignity …LOL!

  2. southwesttwo :
    ‘I’ll go back to Margate the day you go back to bricky’ Jheeeezzzz.

    loool love that line.

    More known for touchings girls that are 15. Love it. Also this guy got flow and lyrics.

    It’s about time I remember hearing a line from Blak Twang going at Westwood but not a whole song. I hate Westwood with a passion, everyone knows he doesn’t get touched because he pays protection money. His show was terrible it was daytime radio and every line from his mouth was sexual it was embrassing especially because if a black man done the same he would’ve been sacked alot sooner.

  3. This has been a long time coming. He has been at the forefront for too long and not support, but been very good at jumping on a UK movements and getting credit for it. He milks black culture and takes the piss out of it, but to be honest, black people have allowed this prick to do so, The interview with KRS-1 was done ages ago, but he’s so far up his own ass, he wasnt even hearing what KRS-1 was saying. That was the most “bombless” interview Westwood has ever given, he knows he couldnt go toe to toe with KRS-1, so he was stuttering like the bitch he is. Its about time more MCs like KRS-1 and Mic Rightesous just told it how it is, as you now have a bunch of young kids that were introduced to that prick in the latter half of his career and they think he is a supporter of them, if only they knew the real deal.
    He’s never repped UK music, I remember being in one of his raves in Ceasars in Streatham (years ago!!) He used to openly SLAM Garage and Jungle (are these not UK genres of music?). Now he has a large chunk of MCs that came from Jungle and Garage (and Grime) all up in the business. It makes me sick to my stomach. That man is about nothing but himself, but he is very clever at fooling some to believe otherwise.

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