Alexandra Burke and Jermain Defoe

More PR antics live from camp Burke/Defoe.

Tabloid rag The Sun reports that footballer Jermain Defoe has cheated on his “Pop star girlfriend Alexandra Burke” with nursing assistant and “part-time model” Laura Brown (LOL).

The Spurs and England striker, 29, romped with Geordie Laura Brown, 23, in  Newcastle after two previous meetings. Laura said: “I never planned on  sleeping with him, it just happened.”

The model who got friendly on Facebook with Defoe said last night: “I’m not  going to lie — we did have sex.”

Now, Laura says, she regrets it — and feels sorry for Hallelujah singer  Alexandra. Continue Reading….

[Thanks Yinka]

Earlier this week Alexandra and Jermain were photographed both looking so fake that it was beyond comical and now The Sun hits us with this ridiculous story.

It’s all so convenient. How long before it is suddenly announced that Alexandra and Jermain have decided to call time on their “relationship”? This SHOCKING news will probably flood the Internet and newspapers just days before the release of her new album.

Listen…Jermain hasn’t cheated on Alexandra because they are not a couple. I am willing to believe that they are friends (he is helping a friend generate some column inches in time for the release of her new project/s) but lovers – NEVER!

Regular visitors to Mad News know why I keep saying this.

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  1. Oh lord, if only she had picked a footballer who we could believe is actually attracted to black women, we may have believed them! The lure of pork was obviously too much for Jermaine…*smh*

  2. ahahahahahahaha smh she should fired her PR team, i like her new single Let it Go though!!

  3. I think you need to stop adding fuel to this “relationship”.
    I am trying to think what he is getting from this. As a football player shouldn’t he be concentrating on Spurs getting fourth and the Euros rather than being photographed with his family friend all over the place.
    And Alex is talented as a musician. Whether his balls are reaching the back of her net will have no bearing on her music – unless she is going to pen an album detailing how off key a partner Defoe is.

  4. He couldn’t even find a pretty girl to cheat on her with. Well, that one lasted longer than I expected it to. Oh well, on to the next one eh Jermaine! Why don’t you try Vicky POllard as your next conquest next time lol

  5. Oh my goodness. Fake relationship or not, Alexandra needs to stay away from this man. As for him, he won’t stop until he catches something very nasty on his ding-a-ling!

  6. The whole thing was bogus from the beginning. What, together for a few weeks or a month at most and Defoe is already bussing nuts elsewhere????? Sorry Sun and not buying into any of this nonsense Team Burke.

    This has been one of the poorest propaganda campaigns I have ever witnessed in my entire life, the manoeuvres and stunts pulled for Team Burke simply reek of calamity and desperation. Sloppy camo Burke, absolutely sloppy.

  7. Jermaine’s family – friends of my familly – have confirmed this relationship is all bullshit.

  8. I don’t understand did jermain just get caught cheating on alexandra if his tweets are anything to go by he don’t care much i see him tweeting about the amazing night he had at the soap awards and then another about his football match with blackburn rovers tomorrow are they still together or did they split alexandra has not been tweeting much she’s usually tweeted a thousand messages by now with defoes shirt number and kisses beside it whats going on with the two of them?

  9. i hear what you say but i think they are together i see he went to her house yesterday to talk about whats gone on it said in the sun today. i reckon alexandra will stay with him she won’t leave Jermain he keeps everyone talking about her.

  10. When I first heard of this story I immediately thought “I can’t wait to read about this on Mad News” lol

  11. Just the way they are linking hands in that picture tells you all you need to know…

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