Noel Clarke and Adam Deacon

Oh dear…more drama within the mad sad bad world of UK entertainment, involving actors and former friends/colleagues Noel Clarke and Adam Deacon.

This past weekend the BBC aired the hit UK film Kidulthood which stars and was written by Noel Clarke.

Noel is currently in Hollywood filming Star Trek 2 but acknowledged that his pride and joy was on television and tweeted,

This then led to Noel receiving a barrage of unnecessary abuse from Adam Deacon fans, who have somehow got it in to their skulls that Noel should credit their GOD and the voice of “URBAN” youth for the film’s success because he adlibbed lines which introduced the MASSES to Jamaican/British street slang (sarcasm).  And according to these fans Adam brought the film to life because if it wasn’t for him the film would have been a certified failure.

So..forget about the other actors/actresses (Aml, Red and Femi) featured in the film and that Noel WROTE/CREATED Kidulthood. No apparently it’s all about Adam folks.


Some fans then accused Noel of “forgetting his roots and where he comes from”.  I tell you when I saw some of the individuals accusing a black man nearly 20 years their senior of this I kissed my teeth and then cried with laughter.  What do they know??? SIT DOWN!

But in response to the slew of hilarious insults and near hysterical abuse coming from a bunch of seriously misguided young adults Noel said,

Hahahahaha – Noel has never claimed to be the director of Kidulthood. I have read interviews in the past where he has stated that he didn’t direct the film and has gone on to credit the director (Menhaj Huda).  These kids need to do their research.

Anyway in response to the drama a deliriously happy 29-year-old Adam tweeted the following,

I am sorry but I am riding with Noel on this occasion. How can these dimwits attack him over something he CREATED and try to place credit elsewhere??? (This scenario seems all too familiar…). The man WROTE Kidulthood and should be recognised for doing so. Yes admittedly Adam turned in a good performance (as did Aml Ameen) and I thought it was a good film, but if Noel hadn’t come up with the concept and the script there would have been no film for their GOD to star in.

Your thoughts please…..

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  1. Adam is just what some people want – a non Black “urban” hero. They even fail to grasp basic truths in order to rewrite history. And Adam plays into that shit – he could clear things up properly if he wanted by saying that all he did was ad-lib some lines for a character that Noel created, in a film written and created by Noel.

  2. Noel Clarke definitely created the idea. Whether he had help with (recreating) the script to make it more “realistic” or what it became is where the debate comes. Or so the story goes anyway…

  3. Oh Adam fall back. Noel gave you a job and your beefing, for what? Just sekkle yourself!! His fans are within the age brackett of 10-14yrs, so I don’t expect sense to come from them. They love of Adam, which is great, but on the real, they wouldn’t even know about Adam if Noel hadn’t given him a shot in Kidulthood.
    Whether people like it or not, there are lot of actors from that movie who have been able to go on to do other things outside of Eastenders.
    The notion that the movie would have flopped without him is laughable. Any actor could have played Adams role, but not everyone could have written that script.
    I’m with Noel on this one!

  4. Im sure Adam was not the only actor in the movie that ad libbed, but you dont see them begging for a credit! Cha, cant a black man just LIVE out here!

  5. Bloody nonsense. Adam’s fans need to sit the fug down. They watch one blasted film based on “urban youth” and think they know “wha gwan” from their semi detached house in Burnley!

    EFF OFF!!

    When I think of Adulthood, Adam Deacon doesn’t immediately come to mind anyway. I think of Noel and Aml’s characters! I can’t even read Adam’s Tweets, his grammar just pisses me off and gives me a headache.

  6. Actors ad lib in pretty much EVERY film. There is a reason why Noel is filming Star Trek 2 in Hollywood and Adam’s last film was out for all of 7 days, 10 at the most…..and flopped.

    He needs to humble his damn self. His career is going to flop, and no one is going to want to work with him soon. Which film writer or director is going to want to hire him when he goes on another public rant against the person who pretty much put him on the map. Now if Noel was able to go back and never make or cast him in Kidulthood, we wouldn’t even know who Adam was. He’s heading for a straight Danny Dyer straight to DVD career.

    Never bited the hand that feeds you, or in this case fed you.

    My friend told me that Adam was at a film premier and was handing out leaflets on the red carpet which were begging people to vote for him for the BAFTA award. Just goes to show how desperate he is. Doesn’t want to earn his place on pure merit. It’s either a begging or a bashing flex that he’s on.

  7. I actually didn’t like Adam’s in either film. Like a previous poster said Noel, Red & Aml were standout for me, and in the sequel Scarlet’s character (Vicky Fowler from Eastenders) and Ben Drew aka Plan B (who was excellent in Harry Brown). Now Ben is one to watch. He’ll be in The Sweeny remake. He’s very talented in front of the camera. Thinking about it, Ben could have played Jay or even Asher D. Would have made no difference to the success of the film.

  8. The fact of the matter is the fans want a white boy talking black, because the fans are white and they can’t identify with being black, so Adam Decon is their hero, black people have got no one but themselves to blame for this nonsense. SMH. This is what happens when you let white people in, Adam is an ungrateful sod but I’ve never liked the fool and Plan B is just another Adam Decon in the making.

  9. VexintheCity :
    Bloody nonsense. Adam’s fans need to sit the fug down. They watch one blasted film based on “urban youth” and think they know “wha gwan” from their semi detached house in Burnley!
    EFF OFF!!

    lol. Soon they’ll think they know more about African/Caribbean experience and culture in the UK than Black people

  10. Nah nah NAH!!!! Is Deacon on friggin drugs?

    Seriously, what is wrong wid him? Can’t he see how he is representing himself? I agree with London Diva, you don’t bite the hand that feeds (or fed) you.

    Mek him gwan. Am tired of his noise…..

  11. Adam Deacon really needs to sit dung an galang bout him business. Noel Clarke is the reason why folk know you and worst you still play the same character every single time. I have yet to see any real acting or challenging roles. You even tried to get a success off of what Noel did by giving your film a name that would associate it with what came before. Kidulthood Adulthood both by Noel then you get Anuvahood by Adam with the mis-spelling that folk find soooo urban.

    Noel Clarke does not even need to pay these folks any mind. He has always been onto better and bigger things and still has projects of his own coming out as well taking part in other people’s projects. Sounds like a humble guy to me

  12. What I find disgusting is Adam a man pushing 30 encouraged his young simple minded fans to continue attacking Noel for no reason. And this is what some of today’s idiot youth hold up as their inspiration? Continue doing your thing Noel and ignore the Pied Piper and his dumb followers

  13. Still haven’t watched any of the ‘dulthood movies. In fact the only thing of his (Noel Clarke) I’ve watched is 4321 (thanks to J). Although, I’ll always remember him as Mickey on Doctor Who, I’ll have to give him credit for his hustle.
    Anyhoo…Adam Deacon…the only reason I know of him is – he starred in movies written and/or directed by Noel…So what’s the fuss?

  14. What you have here is history playing out what has been happening to black people since the beginning of time. Black people create it, white/arab people imitate it and then make out they created it and dum dums believe it.

    Noel Clarke strikes me as a man and Adam Deacon as a boy.

    Adam Deacon probably thinks Noel Clarke isn’t being black enuff and he’s blacker LMAO. Noel Clarke is a smart man and I applaud him. England has too many haters who don’t move and just do the same thing or play the same roles in every programme and film something Adam Deacon has been doing since the days of the Bill where he played yes you guessed it the same role.

    To be honest whenever I think of the urban scene sorry to say but it seems to be 30 year old mummy’s boys acting, talking and dressing like 15 year olds with Adam Deacon being one of them. Noel Clarke’s black Adam Deacon is urban.

  15. One of the other stories to come out of last Saturday night was the rare event of 2 ‘urban’ films on TV at the same time. I was one of the many thousands who was caught up in a programming clash between watching Kidulthood (the film which started this whole urban movement in the first place) and Drink, Drugs & KFC – written and directed by Aml Ameen – who starred in Kidulthood. I hope that this is a sign of things to come when the issue is about programming clashes rather than creative ‘tensions’ between fellow professionals.

  16. damn it i can’t stand deacon’s so called acting and his ‘real life’ persona is nothing to write home about either…i mean what a flaming fool!!! when was the last time you heard johnny deep claim he made/wrote the role created for him by tim burton or leonardo claim… etc ok ok i dare not compare those standards to the level of that dire fool but i guess you guys know what i’m trying to say..actors adlib/improv all the time you don’t flipping claim to create/write the character is deacon high?? so wait if he created this so called character who let him include the character in this script..-__- was he given writing credits for the character and finally did he have to audition for this part that he wrote…you see what i’m getting at here? KMT deacon needs to sit his fake patois speaking, one dimensional character ass down!! fool!!
    p.s we all know the star of the film if anything was Aml and noel and they’ve kind of proven this by ‘broadening the horizons and abilities as actors with the different characters they play!!!

  17. Janice, yes Payback Season. It had a 2 week run. So I was wrong. it was out for 14 days max and grossed $123,219k (£76,319) in the UK.

  18. I believe Deacon controlled how his character was played in the hood movies because he has yet to produce a performance not 99.9% like that. Plus Noel Clarke should be at the level where he is ignoring this foolishness now. His constant arguing & protesting makes me believe there is ‘some’ truth in what deacon says. Either way, neither are stellar actors, writers or directors. The UK ‘urban’ film industry does not translate to anyone outside the uk or anyone over 22. They need to work on proper movies and stop arguing on twitter like idiots. Big up TeamUK!!!

  19. All i will add is….. this is what happens when you let non Blacks into our lives. They will be given the credit… Or shall i say take the credit for things they had nothing to do with. It’s simple to me stop supporting these people. In the words of Jill Scott… Black people give their culture away to easily to anyone who is not us. Well it went something like that… This will always be the result when we do this… SMH.. We as Black people don’t seem to get it.. Or we don’t want to get it. We have to preserve what is ours and for us. Adam seems to think he is the man now! And as if he owns the Black culture…..

  20. I just think he’s getting a bit too big for his boots – that’s all. Deacon has grown an ego – it happens to many when they see a bit of success. I wanna see him do some Shakespeare and then I may just sit up and listen to the hype that surrounds him. In fairness, I saw ‘Anuvahood’ the other day – a film I thought I would loathe and found it quite funny. Let’s not fall into the trap… if many of us think that most of the films that Deacon stars in are a one-dimensional or non-representational take on black sorry ‘urban’ life why are we intent on saying he has taken our culture. Many of the films he has been in, I as a black person cannot relate to, so how much of black culture is it really? It surprises me that Noel Clarke even responded to the tweets – I would’ve thought he was too old and experienced to get involved in that nonsense…. unless it is true. Nevertheless, like someone else said Noel was instrumental in giving Deacon his break so he needs to shut up and sit down…..

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